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Audioread: Listen to articles, PDFs, emails, etc. in your podcast app or browser. Convert text to audio and listen while you exercise or commute.

Audioread is a web application that enables users to listen to articles, PDFs, emails, and other types of text-based content in their podcast app or browser. With this innovative tool, reading is no longer a time-consuming task that requires you to sit still and focus entirely on the text. Instead, you can now listen to your reading list while engaging in other activities such as exercising, commuting, running errands, and more.

 The Power of AI in Audioread

One of the most impressive features of Audioread is its use of AI technology. This cutting-edge tool uses advanced algorithms to convert text-based content into audio in a way that sounds scarily good. As the Age of AI has begun, Audioread sets a new standard for text-to-speech technology that delivers a natural and engaging listening experience.

The Convenience of Audioread’s Conversion Process

Audioread’s conversion process is quick and easy, taking only two clicks on any device. The tool is available as a web app, browser extension, iOS Shortcut, or Android app, allowing users to convert text into audio in a variety of formats. Users can forward emails, drag and drop PDFs, copy and paste text, or highlight text to convert to audio.

Listen on Any Podcast App or Browser

Audioread’s flexibility is one of its major strengths. Users can create and subscribe to their own podcast, which only they have access to, or listen to the audio content in their browser. If they prefer to use a podcast app, they can choose from popular options such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Overcast, Pocket Casts, Podcast Addict, Castbox, Castro, The Podcast App, Downcast, Podbean, Breaker, Podcast Republic, Player FM, Radio Republic, and Airr.

Affordable Pricing and Multilingual Support

Audioread is an affordable solution that costs only $15 per month. Users can convert up to 100,000 words per conversion and 500,000 words per day, and the tool supports up to 18 languages. This makes Audioread an excellent choice for anyone who needs to read a large volume of content regularly but doesn’t have enough time to sit down and read.



Audioread offers a convenient solution for busy individuals who struggle to find time to read. The service allows users to convert articles, PDFs, emails, and other types of text into audio that can be listened to while exercising, commuting, running errands, or performing other tasks. Audioread is compatible with various devices and platforms, including web apps, browser extensions, iOS Shortcuts, Android apps, and podcast apps.

The benefits of Audioread are numerous. Users can consume information while engaging in other activities, making it an efficient use of time. Additionally, the service offers a wide range of languages, making it accessible to people around the world. Its user-friendly design and intuitive interface make it easy to use for even those who are not tech-savvy.

One potential downside of Audioread is its pricing. At $15 per month, it may not be affordable for everyone. However, the service’s features and capabilities may justify the cost for those who can afford it. Another limitation is that the service may not be suitable for everyone’s learning style, as some people may prefer to read the text themselves.

Overall, Audioread is an innovative and practical solution for busy individuals who want to keep up with their reading but struggle to find time. By offering a flexible and convenient way to consume information, Audioread has the potential to revolutionize the way people approach reading and learning.


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