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Repurpose long-form videos into engaging social media clips with Clips AI. Save time, increase metrics. Paid plans start from $50/mo.

Clips AI is an AI-powered platform that enables content creators to transform their long-form video and audio content into captivating social media clips. By utilizing AI-generated clips, predictive engagement, custom branding, and team collaboration, Clips AI offers a comprehensive solution for YouTubers, podcasters, digital marketers, and social media managers. With flexible pricing plans starting from $50 per month, this tool empowers creators to optimize their content for maximum audience engagement. Additionally, we invite users to leave reviews and explore alternative AI tools in this space.


AI-Generated Clips: A Time-Saving Solution for Content Creators

One of the key features of Clips AI is its AI-generated clips. By simply uploading the long-form content and setting the criteria, content creators can let the AI do the heavy lifting of creating engaging clips. This not only saves creators valuable time but also ensures that the clips have the highest potential for audience engagement, thanks to the AI’s predictive capabilities.

Custom Branding and Team Collaboration: Personalize and Collaborate with Ease

Clips AI offers content creators the ability to personalize their clips through custom branding options. This means that creators can add their own logos, watermarks, or other branding elements to the clips, making them instantly recognizable and reinforcing their brand identity. Additionally, Clips AI enables team collaboration, allowing multiple members to work together seamlessly on creating and distributing content.

Use Cases: How Clips AI Benefits Different Content Creators

Clips AI caters to a wide range of content creators, including YouTubers, podcasters, digital marketers, and social media managers. For YouTubers and podcasters, Clips AI provides a streamlined solution for repurposing their long-form content for social media promotion, reaching a wider audience. Digital marketers can leverage AI-generated clips to increase audience engagement and boost their marketing campaigns. Social media managers benefit from Clips AI’s efficient content creation and distribution capabilities, making their workflow more productive.

Value for Creators: Free and Paid Plans Available

Clips AI offers both a free plan and a paid Standard plan, ensuring that creators of all levels can access its valuable tools. The free plan allows users to experience the platform and its features, while the Standard plan, starting from $50 per month, unlocks additional benefits such as advanced customization options and enhanced collaboration features. With its pricing options, Clips AI provides a cost-effective solution for creators seeking to optimize their content for maximum social media engagement.



In today’s digital landscape, the ability to repurpose long-form videos for social media promotion is crucial for content creators. Clips AI provides a powerful solution with its AI-powered platform, offering features such as AI-generated clips, predictive engagement, and custom branding. By leveraging these tools, YouTubers, podcasters, digital marketers, and social media managers can enhance their content strategy, save time, and increase audience engagement. With various use cases catered to different creators, Clips AI offers a valuable resource for optimizing content for social media platforms. Users can choose from different pricing plans, starting from $50 per month, to suit their specific needs. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to leave a review and explore alternative AI tools. Transform your content creation process and unlock new possibilities with Clips AI.

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