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Spark student discussions and engagement with Curipod. Use polls, wordclouds, and Q&A to capture their voices. Join our workshop now!Title: Enhancing Student Engagement with Curipod: A Tool for Sparking Discussions and Capturing Student Voices

Student engagement is a critical aspect of learning, and it’s the responsibility of teachers to ensure that their students are engaged in the learning process. One of the ways to achieve this is by providing a platform for students to share their opinions and ideas. In recent years, technology has made it possible for teachers to enhance student engagement by providing digital tools that encourage participation and collaboration. Curipod is one of such tools that have proven to be effective in enhancing student engagement. In this article, we will explore how Curipod can be used to spark discussions and capture student voices.

Using Curipod to Spark Discussions

Curipod provides a platform for teachers to create interactive lessons that encourage student participation. One of the ways to achieve this is by using polls, word clouds, open questions, drawings, and Q&A. These tools provide students with the opportunity to express their thoughts and opinions on different topics. For instance, a teacher can ask students to share their opinions on a current issue or a topic they have studied in class. The responses can then be displayed on a word cloud or poll, giving the teacher an overview of the student’s perspective on the topic.

Capturing Student Voices with Curipod

Curipod ensures that every student’s voice is heard by providing a platform for all students to share their opinions. This is especially important for students who are usually quiet in class. With Curipod, these students can share their opinions anonymously, without fear of being judged by their peers. Curipod allows teachers to get more responses from their students, making it easier to capture the student’s voices. The platform also encourages students to reflect on other people’s ideas and opinions, leading to a more comprehensive understanding of the topic being discussed.

Using Curipod’s Ready-Made Templates

Curipod provides ready-made templates that can be used as-is or adapted to fit a teacher’s needs. These templates have been created by experienced educators and are designed to enhance student engagement. Teachers can choose from a variety of templates, such as icebreakers, group work, and exit tickets. This makes it easier for teachers to create interactive lessons without spending too much time on the preparation process.

Curipod’s Success Stories

Curipod has been used by over 200,000 students, and it has received positive feedback from both teachers and students. Maren, a teacher at Kongsberg High School, reported that she gets over 50 responses when she asks a question using Curipod. This shows that students are more willing to participate when using digital tools that encourage participation. Øyvind, a teacher at Veiavangen Secondary School, reported that Curipod has helped his students to reflect more when exposed to other people’s ideas and opinions.

Getting Started with Curipod

Teachers who are interested in using Curipod can join the weekly digital workshop to learn more about the platform. The workshop provides teachers with a hands-on experience of how to use Curipod to enhance student engagement. Teachers can also create their own slides using Curipod or upload their existing presentations.


In conclusion, Curipod is an effective tool for teachers to spark discussions and create interactive lessons in the classroom. With features such as polls, wordclouds, open questions, drawings, and Q&A, students’ voices are captured and heard. The platform also allows teachers to make their own slides or upload existing presentations, providing a range of options for delivering content.

Curipod has received positive feedback from teachers who have used it, with one teacher noting that even the most quiet students speak up when using the platform. The tool encourages student reflection and exposure to other opinions and ideas, ultimately enhancing the learning experience.

With over 200,000 students having shared their opinions on Curipod, the platform has already proven its effectiveness. Additionally, Curipod offers ready-made templates that teachers can use as-is or adapt to fit their specific needs.

Overall, Curipod is a valuable tool for teachers looking to engage students and create a more collaborative and interactive classroom environment. For those interested in learning more about the platform, joining the weekly digital workshop is a great place to start.


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