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Discover Fabrie – the ultimate digital whiteboard for designers. Organize, ideate, prototype and present like never before. Try it now!

Fabrie is a new digital tool designed specifically for designers to help them with their ideation, prototyping, presentation, and collaboration needs. The platform is based on the concept of the traditional whiteboard, but in a digital format. The idea behind Fabrie is to offer designers the same clarity and freedom they experience while working on a physical whiteboard, but with the added advantages of digital technology. This article will explore Fabrie’s key features and how they can help designers in their day-to-day work.

Research and Explore – Documenting Your Ideas Digitally

The first step in any design process is research, and Fabrie offers designers a new way to document their research. With Fabrie’s digital whiteboard, designers can create mind maps, flowcharts, drawings, sticky notes, and insights in a visual format. This makes it easier for them to organize their thoughts and ideas, just like they would on a physical whiteboard. Moreover, the digital format allows designers to access their research anytime and anywhere, making it more convenient and efficient.

Ideate and Evaluate – Collaborating with Your Team

Design is a collaborative process, and Fabrie helps designers collaborate with their team members more effectively. With Fabrie’s digital whiteboard, designers can communicate with their colleagues anytime and anywhere they want, even asynchronously. The whiteboard sessions can bring up new ideas and surprises, and designers can access them easily without the need to take photos or read blurry handwriting. The platform allows designers to share their ideas with their team members, get feedback, and iterate on their designs together.

Prototype and Fabricate – Building a Team Database Without Coding

Designers often need to manage large amounts of data and materials, and Fabrie offers them a new way to do that. The platform’s user-friendly database includes custom views for everyone on the team and links to items on the board. This allows designers to manage their material library without the need for coding. Moreover, the platform’s design-related editable templates help designers get started faster and save time.

Present and Show – Hassle-Free Presentation Mode

Designers often spend a lot of time preparing their designs for presentations, but Fabrie simplifies the process with its hassle-free presentation mode. With just one click, everything on the board can be turned into a slideshow. The process of creating the slideshow tells a better story and is more engaging for the audience. The platform allows designers to restore order by using simple drag-and-drop actions to organize their texts and files.


In conclusion, Fabrie is a comprehensive digital tool that offers designers and teams an effective and collaborative way to organize, document, ideate, evaluate, review, iterate, prototype, fabricate, present, and show their projects. It is an innovative solution that replaces the traditional whiteboard, making it more accessible and versatile for designers and teams to work on their projects in real-time, from anywhere in the world. Fabrie’s user-friendly interface provides designers with a platform to brainstorm and create mind maps, flowcharts, drawings, and sticky notes that can be easily arranged and organized.

Moreover, Fabrie allows for efficient communication among team members, enabling them to work synchronously or asynchronously, even remotely. The tool’s unique features such as the team database, synced record, and professional templates, make it an ideal tool for organizing research, managing design projects, and presenting ideas.

Fabrie is designed by designers for designers, and it has received positive feedback from various users who have found it to be a valuable tool for their work. It is a cost-effective and time-saving solution that streamlines the design process, making it easier for designers to focus on their creativity and bring their ideas to life. Overall, Fabrie is a must-have tool for designers and teams looking to enhance their productivity, creativity, and collaboration in a digital workspace.

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