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Create engaging content at scale with Hypotenuse. Use an AI as your 24/7 brainstorming partner, batch create drafts, get factual content fast, and more.

Hypotenuse is a cutting-edge content creation platform that allows users to create engaging, well-researched content at scale. This platform is powered by AI and boasts a range of advanced features that make content creation faster and more efficient than ever before. Whether you are a marketer, blogger, or content creator, Hypotenuse has something to offer.

Brainstorm Faster with Hypotenuse’s Creative AI

One of the standout features of Hypotenuse is its ability to brainstorm ideas faster than ever before. This platform’s AI-powered sparring partner is available 24/7, offering endless ideas to users. This feature is particularly useful for those who struggle to come up with ideas on their own or those who need to produce a large volume of content quickly.

 Batch Create Content with AI-powered Drafts

Hypotenuse also offers an AI-powered drafting feature that allows users to create initial drafts in seconds. This feature is incredibly helpful for those who need to produce a lot of content in a short amount of time. Users can then use bulk workflows to scale up their content production efforts, making it easy to produce high-quality content at scale.

Get Factual Content Fast with Content Detective

Researching facts and statistics for content can be incredibly time-consuming, but with Hypotenuse’s Content Detective feature, this task is no longer a burden. This feature allows users to quickly and easily find the information they need, without spending hours scouring the web. Content Detective saves users time and effort, allowing them to focus on the creative aspects of content creation.

Repurpose Content Easily and Publish Everywhere

Hypotenuse’s platform is designed to be user-friendly and intuitive. Users can easily repurpose content for different channels with minimal effort. This feature is particularly useful for those who need to create content for multiple platforms or channels. Additionally, Hypotenuse allows users to connect the tools they already use to publish, such as Shopify, WordPress, or even through API, making it easier than ever to get their content in front of their audience.



In today’s fast-paced digital world, content is king. Brands need to create a constant stream of engaging and well-researched content to keep their audiences engaged and drive traffic to their websites. This is where Hypotenuse comes in. With its advanced AI technology, Hypotenuse enables users to create high-quality content at scale.

One of the key benefits of Hypotenuse is its ability to help users brainstorm ideas quickly. The AI acts as a 24/7 mental sparring partner, offering endless creative suggestions and feedback to help users develop their content ideas. This saves users time and effort, allowing them to focus on producing high-quality content.

Hypotenuse also makes it easy to batch create content. The AI can generate initial drafts in seconds, which users can then refine and scale up using bulk workflows. This is particularly useful for brands that need to produce a large volume of content on a regular basis.

In addition, Hypotenuse makes it easy to get factual content fast. Its Content Detective feature can scour the web for facts and statistics, saving users hours of research time. This ensures that the content produced is accurate and informative, which is essential for building trust with audiences.

Hypotenuse also offers a range of language options, allowing users to create content in over 25 languages. Users can choose their tone of voice and even select a perspective, enabling them to create content without borders.

Finally, Hypotenuse makes it easy to repurpose content for different channels. Users can write content once and use it everywhere, with minimal effort required to rewrite content for different platforms. Additionally, Hypotenuse can integrate with a range of publishing tools, including Shopify, WordPress, and API, making it easy to publish content across multiple channels.

In conclusion, Hypotenuse is a powerful tool for brands and content creators looking to produce high-quality content at scale. Its AI technology helps users brainstorm ideas, generate initial drafts, and get factual content fast, while its language options and repurposing features make it easy to create content for multiple channels. By using Hypotenuse, brands can streamline their content creation process and produce engaging, well-researched content that resonates with their audiences.

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