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In today’s digital age, online meetings have become an integral part of our professional lives. However, the quality of these meetings can often be hindered by background noises and distractions, making it challenging to have productive and effective conversations. This is where Voice Productivity AI comes in, revolutionizing the way we communicate in online meetings. With its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant, Krisp takes your online meetings to the next level, ensuring crystal-clear audio and enhancing productivity.

AI Voice Clarity: Enhancing the Quality of Your Online Conversations

One of the key features of Voice Productivity AI is AI Voice Clarity. This cutting-edge technology removes background voices of other people talking in the same room, allowing only your voice to be heard in the call. It eliminates background noises from your microphone and speaker, creating a distraction-free environment for seamless communication. Furthermore, AI Voice Clarity tackles the issue of echoes bouncing off the walls and those resulting from your own voice or a sensitive microphone. It ensures that your voice is clear and crisp, making it easier for others to understand you.

AI Meeting Assistant: Making Meetings Smoother and More Productive

Meetings often involve a lot of information sharing and note-taking, which can be time-consuming and prone to errors. AI Meeting Assistant, another powerful component of Voice Productivity AI, simplifies this process. It offers automatic meeting transcription that works with all voice apps, eliminating the need for additional extensions or plugins. This feature saves time and ensures accurate documentation of important discussions. Additionally, the AI Meeting Assistant provides AI-powered meeting notes and summaries that are easily shareable, enabling efficient collaboration and follow-up actions.

Krisp: Your Personal “Smart” Layer for Noise-Free Communication

Krisp acts as a “smart” layer between your device and any online communication solution, allowing you to eliminate all background noise with a single click. Whether you’re using video conferencing platforms, voice chat applications, or recording tools, Krisp seamlessly integrates with them to provide an unparalleled noise-cancellation experience. It ensures that your voice is the focus of the conversation, enhancing clarity and reducing distractions. With Krisp, you can enjoy noise-free communication regardless of your environment, boosting your productivity and professional image.

Trusted by Global Brands: The Power of Krisp

When it comes to choosing a solution for online meetings and noise cancellation, trust is paramount. Krisp has gained the trust of the world’s largest global brands, cementing its position as a leader in the industry. With its advanced AI technology and commitment to privacy, Krisp has garnered recognition and accolades. It has been praised by organizations worldwide for its invaluable contribution to remote and hybrid working. From Atlassian to countless teams, Krisp has become an essential tool in enhancing communication and collaboration.


In conclusion, Krisp’s Voice Productivity AI offers a comprehensive solution to enhance online meetings and improve productivity. With its AI-powered Voice Clarity and Meeting Assistant, Krisp revolutionizes the way we communicate and collaborate remotely.

The AI Voice Clarity feature of Krisp enables users to remove background voices and noises, allowing for a more focused and distraction-free call. Whether it’s eliminating echoes, reducing microphone and speaker noise, or dynamically changing accents to enhance understanding, Krisp’s Voice Clarity technology ensures crystal-clear communication.

Additionally, the AI Meeting Assistant provides valuable tools for efficient meetings. Automatic transcription works seamlessly with any voice app, simplifying note-taking and facilitating easy sharing of meeting summaries. By leveraging AI capabilities, Krisp optimizes productivity by streamlining post-meeting tasks and minimizing the need for manual note-taking.

Krisp’s effectiveness extends to its user-friendly interface and compatibility with both Mac and Windows operating systems. Acting as a “smart” layer between devices and online communication platforms, Krisp eliminates background noise with a single click, regardless of the chosen communication solution.

Furthermore, Krisp prioritizes privacy and security. Unlike other solutions, the processing of users’ voices occurs solely on their devices, ensuring data remains confidential. The platform offers encrypted connections and adheres to industry standards such as SOC-2, Google OAuth, and SAML.

With its cutting-edge AI technology developed by top researchers in the field, Krisp has gained recognition from major global brands and received prestigious awards for its noise cancellation and voice recognition capabilities. Countless organizations and individuals worldwide have already embraced Krisp as their go-to solution for optimizing remote communication and collaboration.

In conclusion, Krisp’s Voice Productivity AI empowers users to have more effective, professional, and seamless online meetings. By eliminating background noise, enhancing voice clarity, and providing intelligent meeting assistance, Krisp sets a new standard for productivity in the digital workplace. With its user-friendly interface, robust privacy measures, and world-class AI technology, Krisp is the ultimate tool for unlocking the full potential of online meetings. Try Krisp today and experience the magic of enhanced communication firsthand.

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