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Transform your photos with AI. Capture perfect moments that reflect who you are. Upload 20 photos, choose the style, and generate stunning results.

In the digital age, photography has become an integral part of our lives. However, not all of us possess the skills to take perfect photos. That’s where this site comes in. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence (AI), this platform allows users to generate stunning photos that truly reflect their personalities. In this article, we will explore the features and benefits of this site in five major sections.

Upload 20 Photos:

One of the key features of this site is the ability to upload 20 photos. By providing a substantial number of images, users enable the AI system to gain a better understanding of their preferred style, composition, and overall aesthetic. This diverse range of photos serves as a foundation for the AI to generate personalized images that accurately capture who the users are.

Select the Type of Photos You Want:

Once the photos are uploaded, users have the option to select the specific type of photos they desire. Whether it’s professional headshots, stunning landscapes, or creative portraits, this site caters to a wide range of preferences. By allowing users to choose their desired genre, the AI algorithms can focus on training specifically for those types of images, resulting in more accurate and satisfying outcomes.

Generate Photos: Start the Photoshoot:

This is where the magic happens. Once the user selects the desired type of photos, the AI algorithm begins the photoshoot process. By utilizing the data gathered from the uploaded images and the user’s preferences, the AI generates a set of unique and visually appealing photos. The generated images aim to bring out the best aspects of the user’s personality, while also ensuring a high level of visual quality.

View Your Photos: Refine and Reshoot if Needed:

After the photoshoot is complete, users have the opportunity to view the resulting images. If they are not fully satisfied with the output photos, the platform allows them to refine their photoshoot recipe and shoot again. This iterative process empowers users to fine-tune their preferences and experiment with different styles until they achieve the desired results. By incorporating user feedback, the AI system continuously learns and improves, enhancing the overall experience for users.

Can I Get a Refund?

It’s important to note that once the AI training process begins after the photos are uploaded, the platform incurs significant costs. As a result, refunds cannot be offered after this stage. This policy ensures that the platform can maintain its commitment to providing a high-quality service while managing operational expenses.

What File Formats of Photos Do You Accept?
To accommodate different user preferences and requirements, this site supports various file formats, including JPG, PNG, HEIC, and RAW. Users can upload their photos in any of these formats, ensuring flexibility and convenience.


In a world where visual content is highly valued, this site offers a groundbreaking solution to improve the quality of personal photography. By leveraging the power of AI, users can transform their ordinary photos into stunning visual representations that capture their true essence.

Through the ability to upload multiple photos, select desired types, generate personalized images, and refine the process if necessary, this platform provides an innovative and user-centric approach to photography. So why settle for mediocre photos when you can harness the power of AI and create images that truly reflect who you are?

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