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Improve your team’s content instantly with Linguix. Cut editing time by 68%. Try for free and see the Content Quality Score in action. Trusted by 210K+.

Linguix is a comprehensive writing assistant designed to improve the quality of content creation. The platform offers an array of features that streamline the editing and approval process for various forms of written communication. Whether you’re crafting blog posts, website content, email newsletters, or ad copy, Linguix provides advanced language insights and client style guide compliance to ensure that your writing is engaging, readable, and aligns with your brand’s messaging.

Cut Editing and Approval Time by 68%

With Linguix, you can cut your editing and approval time by 68%. The platform offers a range of writing guidance tools that help you identify and correct common writing issues. As you type, Linguix’s Content Quality Score feature analyzes your content in terms of engagement, readability, and style guide compliance. You’ll receive real-time feedback on your writing, helping you identify areas for improvement and ensuring that your content meets your client’s specific style requirements.

Gold-Standard Writing Guidance

Linguix offers gold-standard writing guidance that ensures your content is polished, professional, and error-free. The platform’s language insights provide detailed feedback on grammar, brevity, engaging phrases, corporate clichés, harmful language, and much more. This feature helps you write content that resonates with your audience and adheres to your client’s style preferences.

360-Degree Analytics

With Linguix’s 360-degree analytics, you can analyze your team’s performance over time and get notified about style issues or content quality trends. This feature provides valuable insights into your team’s strengths and weaknesses, helping you optimize your content creation process and improve your overall content quality.

Get Help Anywhere You Need It

Linguix offers flexible integration with millions of apps, including Google Docs, WordPress, Mailchimp, Facebook Business Manager, and more. Whether you prefer to write in your favorite app or directly on the Linguix platform, you’ll receive the same gold-standard writing guidance and real-time feedback.

Built for Enterprise

Linguix is built for enterprise, offering SSO access, on-premise installations, flexible team management, and access roles. This feature ensures that your team can collaborate seamlessly on content creation, with each member having access to the tools they need to write error-free, engaging content.

Customer Reviews Speak for Themselves

Linguix has received rave reviews from customers across a variety of industries, including web development, customer success, and editorial. Customers praise Linguix for its ease of use, ability to improve grammar and spelling, and its modernized UI. With over 210,000+ users and counting, it’s clear that Linguix is a game-changer for anyone looking to create flawless content.


Linguix is a writing assistant tool that offers advanced features to improve your team’s content instantly. With a content quality score, advanced language insights, client style preferences compliance, and 360-degree analytics, Linguix helps businesses cut editing and approval times by 68%. The tool offers a range of benefits, including increased engagement, improved readability, and compliance with client style preferences. Linguix is built for enterprise, offering SSO access, on-premise installations, flexible team management, and access roles.

The tool has received positive reviews from its users, with many praising it for its ability to improve communication patterns, reduce common writing issues, and make customer responses and online help center articles look and sound professional. Linguix has also been praised for its attractive and modernized UI and its integration with other tools, making it fun and engaging to use.

Overall, Linguix is a reliable and efficient tool for businesses looking to improve their marketing content. Its advanced features, analytics, and ease of use make it a top-rated tool for writing assistance. With its trusted reputation and positive reviews, Linguix is an excellent choice for any business looking to improve the quality of their content and reduce editing and approval times.

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