Create amazing character images with Plask, an AI-powered tool that simplifies pose and camera angle set-up. Browse community, set-up prompt, and render images easily.

Plask is an innovative tool that allows users to create stunning character images with ease using AI technology. With Plask, users can quickly create poses and set up camera angles to generate beautiful artwork. Here are five big topics that explain how to use Plask to create character images:

Browse the Community for Inspiration

Plask’s community is a treasure trove of inspiring images and parameters that users can utilize for their artwork. Users can search for keywords or browse through categories to find what they’re looking for. They can also draw inspiration from the wealth of shared content available in the community. With Plask’s “Bring to My Workspace” feature, users can quickly apply a pose, camera angle, and parameters to their workspace and work on the selected content as per their preference.

Prepare a 3D Pose

Plask provides an AI-powered pose recognition feature that allows users to adopt the poses required in the generated images. Users need to prepare and import high-quality images that clearly display the desired poses. The AI algorithm will extract the poses and apply them automatically to the 3D models. Users can review the 3D models with applied poses and make necessary adjustments using the editing tools. This feature saves users’ time and effort in creating poses from scratch and enables them to focus on other aspects of the artwork.

Set Up Camera Angles

With Plask’s user-friendly interface, users can set up camera angles easily. The reference poses for the generated images can be navigated, and the shooting angle can be specified by using the mouse and shortcut keys to Tumble, Pan, and Zoom the camera. Users can use Alt (Option) + Left Mouse Button (LMB) drag to Tumble the view, Alt (Option) + Right Mouse Button (RMB) drag to Pan the view, and Middle Mouse Button (MMB) to scroll up to Zoom in and down to Zoom out. With this feature, users can create multiple variations of the same pose, giving them more creative control over the final artwork.

Configure a Prompt

Plask’s prompt feature is an exciting aspect that enables users to guide the image generation process. A prompt is a descriptive phrase that determines the outcome of the generated image. The tool will automatically assign example prompts, recommended reference weights, and other parameters once the style is chosen. Users can consult the prompt guide to unleash their creativity and create stunning images.

Render Images, Save and Publish

Once the pose, camera angle, and prompt are ready, users can generate the desired image by clicking the “Render” button. Plask will create four images on the right side, and generating these four images will consume one “Render” from the available quota. Users can save the generated image by clicking the “Download Image” button or save the pose, camera angle, prompt, and parameters used during the image generation process by clicking the “Save” button and then publishing it as a post. This feature allows users to store all associated information alongside the image and share it with the community.


Plask is an AI-powered tool that enables users to create character images by setting up poses and camera angles with ease. The tool offers two ways to create artwork: starting with an existing shot or starting with a new shot. The former allows users to browse a community and utilize pre-existing poses and camera angles, while the latter involves preparing a 3D pose, setting up a camera angle, configuring a prompt, and rendering images.

The community feature in Plask allows users to quickly find suitable references by browsing through numerous posts showcasing stunning images and parameters created by other users. Users can also bring a post to their workspace by clicking the “Bring to My Workspace” button and modifying it according to their preferences. To render their own images, users can choose a style, configure a prompt, and generate the desired image by clicking the Render button.

Plask’s AI-powered pose recognition feature enables 3D models to adopt the poses required in the generated images, while the camera angle can be specified by using the mouse and shortcut keys. A prompt is a descriptive phrase used to guide the image generation process, and users can consult Plask’s prompt guide to unleash their creativity and achieve amazing results.

In conclusion, Plask is an excellent tool for artists and designers who want to create character images quickly and easily. The community feature, AI-powered pose recognition, and prompt guide make the image generation process simpler and more efficient. With Plask, users can create stunning images that showcase their creativity and skill.

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