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Efficiently manage your email with our Gmail tool – schedule sends, minimize disruptions, switch accounts, and more. Follow our changelog for updates.

Emails have become a crucial aspect of communication in today’s world, and managing them effectively is essential. This site offers a variety of thoughtfully-crafted features that aim to improve email management. These features include scheduled send, granular push controls, personalized alerts, and a do-not-disturb feature. With these features, users can tailor their email experience to fit their needs, reduce distractions, and save time.

Scheduled Send: Manage Emails on Your Own Terms While Respecting Everyone’s Time

One of the unique features of this site is the ability to schedule email sends. This feature is perfect for individuals who prefer to work outside regular business hours or who want to ensure that their email reaches the recipient at an appropriate time. With this feature, users can craft their emails at any time and schedule them to be sent later. This allows users to manage their time efficiently and ensures that the email arrives at a convenient time for the recipient.

Granular Push Controls: Minimize Disruptions with Personalized Alerts

Notifications can be a distraction, and managing them can be challenging. This site offers granular push controls that allow users to personalize their notifications. Users can decide which emails they want to receive notifications for and which they do not. This feature enables users to prioritize their emails and reduce distractions, leading to increased productivity.

Dark and Light Modes: Switch Between Two Beautifully-Designed Themes

This site offers two beautifully-designed themes to choose from, dark and light. Users can switch between these themes depending on their preference. The dark theme is perfect for individuals who prefer a more subdued color scheme, while the light theme is ideal for those who prefer a brighter, more vibrant color scheme. With these themes, users can customize their email experience and make it more enjoyable.

Sidebar: Quickly Access Favorite Senders, Labels, and Searches

The sidebar feature on this site provides quick access to favorite senders, labels, and searches. Users can customize their sidebar to include frequently accessed items, making it easier to find what they need quickly. This feature saves time and ensures that users can focus on the tasks at hand, rather than spending time searching for the necessary emails.


Gmail has been a widely popular email service since its launch in 2004, and with the addition of more thoughtfully-crafted features, it has become even more user-friendly. Scheduled send, granular push controls, personalized alerts, and the Do Not Disturb feature have been added to minimize disruptions and make email management easier. With these features, users can now send emails on their own terms while respecting everyone’s time.

The light and dark mode feature allows users to switch between two beautifully-designed themes, while the thread links feature enables them to reference their emails from other apps with permanent links. The sidebar feature provides quick access to favorite senders, labels, and searches, while multi-account support allows users to switch between Gmail accounts on any device.

Gmail sync ensures that users’ work is reliably kept in sync with Gmail, giving them peace of mind knowing that their emails are always up-to-date. The ability to securely import signatures and send from any of their aliases has also been added.

Overall, the latest updates to Gmail have improved the user experience significantly. These features have made it easier to manage emails, minimize disruptions, and work more efficiently. With more updates and improvements to come, users can look forward to even more enhanced functionality from Gmail in the future.

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