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Discover books and ideas with experimental AI. Not a traditional search, speak in natural language and browse passages. Try our sample queries.

Are you tired of traditional search engines that provide you with an overwhelming amount of information that may not even be relevant to your search? Look no further than this experimental AI-powered website. Here, you can browse passages from books in a unique and creative way that responds directly to your queries. Instead of just relying on keywords, this AI has been trained on human conversations, allowing you to interact with it using natural language.

A Creative Tool to Explore Ideas: Using the AI to Find Quotes

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a creative rut, struggling to come up with new ideas? This experimental AI is not only a useful tool for research purposes but can also be used to spark inspiration. Simply input a query, and the AI will provide you with a relevant quote from a book that may help you to explore your ideas further.

Breaking the Mold: How This AI Differs from Traditional Search Engines

Unlike traditional search engines, this experimental AI does not rely on an algorithm to provide you with search results. Instead, it has been trained on human conversations, allowing it to interpret and respond to natural language queries. By using this AI, you can get more personalized and relevant results that are tailored to your specific needs.

Experimenting with Different Queries: How to Get the Best Results

While using this experimental AI, it’s important to remember that speaking to it in sentences will often yield better results than simply using keywords. You can also experiment with different phrasings and wordings to see how it changes the results. By trying out our sample queries or coming up with your own, you can discover a wide range of books and quotes that you may have never found through traditional search engines.

From Memories to World History: Using the AI to Answer a Wide Range of Questions

One of the most exciting things about this experimental AI is its ability to answer a wide range of questions. From personal inquiries like “What smell brings back great memories?” to historical questions like “Why did World War I happen?” and even technical questions like “What is fun about computer programming?” – this AI can provide you with relevant and thought-provoking quotes that can help you to explore your interests and ideas further.


In conclusion, this experimental AI-powered website offers a refreshing alternative to traditional search engines by allowing users to interact with it using natural language. The AI’s ability to interpret and respond to queries with relevant quotes from books makes it a creative tool for sparking inspiration, research, and personal exploration. By breaking the mold of traditional search algorithms, this AI provides personalized and relevant results, catering to users’ specific needs.

To get the best results, it is crucial to phrase queries in sentences and experiment with different wordings, as this AI thrives on natural language. Users can try the provided sample queries or create their own, discovering an array of books and passages that may have remained hidden through conventional search engines.

This AI’s capability to answer a diverse range of questions makes it an exciting and versatile tool. From personal memories and historical events to technical subjects, the AI can offer thought-provoking quotes to encourage users to delve deeper into their interests and ideas. Embrace the power of this experimental AI and revolutionize the way you search for information and inspiration.

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