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AI specialist : how do you get into this profession ?

AI specialist : how do you get into this profession ?

Artificial technology is growing by leaps and bounds within businesses. It is enabling them to become more efficient and more effective. However, AI only achieves these benefits when there is a person at the helm. What’s more, the integration of AI into companies is a gradual process, depending on the ability of employees to use it. Right now, the job of AI expert is the job of the future. Here’s everything you need to know if you’re considering this career.

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The skills you need to become an AI specialist

The field of artificial technology is very broad. It’s easily integrated into commerce, research, digital, industry and more. If you already have the knowledge of this field, all you need to do is combine it with AI. It’s important to have a basic knowledge of computer programming. Mastering the Python and Java languages is a big advantage. Because they are useful for learning about and understanding AI.

If you have older dating online, you can easily develop your AI applications. To do this, you need to spend a lot of time learning these languages. In fact, you need an in-depth knowledge of programming languages to make progress in learning AI. Their advantage is that the R and Python languages are available as open source. They are free and therefore easily accessible to everyone.

Python is the most appropriate language for creating a general-purpose application. For statistical analysis, the best choice is R. However, by mastering these two programming languages and others, you can easily understand the concept of AI. You’ll be able to adapt it to your company’s needs.

Become a problem-solving expert

Many AI experts are self-taught. This is an advantage, because in this profession you will be confronted with problems that are still unknown. You’ll need to be creative and responsive. As you learn programming languages, you will also learn applied mathematics and AI algorithms. In this way, your mind will become more logical and more open to the solutions to be proposed when faced with a problem or need. In the majority of cases, the AI used does not respond perfectly to a company’s requirements. To respond precisely to a need, you need to be inventive in solving the problem. Only then do you programme an application to be inserted into the AI. AI provides you with a wide range of uses that you can explore. You can practise finding solutions to problems facing businesses.

After learning programming languages and solving problems, you’ll need to focus on cleaning up the data. You know that the quality of the data embedded in AI needs to be monitored. This technology analyses this data. It then draws conclusions, predicts data and makes decisions. Joining good quality data is therefore very important. As an AI expert, you need to master data cleansing and data preparation in order to be integrated into AI. However, you will need to be rigorous and patient. It’s quite a long process. But mastering it will make you an exceptional AI expert.

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Proven experience in the AI sector

To convince future employers of your value and expertise in AI technology, you need to practise. To do this, use your creativity to carry out projects. You can take advantage of this to come up with solutions to recurring problems. The aim is to highlight the advantage of using AI. You can go to platforms such as GitHub to build your project. In the case of an interview, you can easily present your achievements to your customers. They will be like a portfolio demonstrating your AI expertise.

On the other hand, taking part in forums and intensive competitions will improve your skills. By joining communities of AI professionals, you can easily acquire more knowledge in the field. This is because you have the opportunity to exchange ideas with other AI programmers. In these forums, experience and training are often shared. If you’re having trouble getting your projects off the ground, the members of the community can help you. Share your ideas with these programmers. Everyone will give you ideas for improving the project and making it even more effective. If you want to get certified in AI, the programmers who are already certified will be there to guide you through the learning process.

Choosing jobs that match your skills

Once you’ve completed your apprenticeship, it’s time to put everything into practice. Opt for positions where you will have the opportunity to experience everything you have learned in the field. The reality of things and the needs of the company in which you work are an interesting field in which to measure your skills. For a start, don’t choose a job that requires the skills of a senior expert. A junior AI expert position will be more interesting. Because you’ll have the opportunity to work with other programmers like yourself. Then there’s an AI manager who will give you the steps you need to follow to successfully complete a project. Over time, you can easily build up your skills.

In the field of AI, experimentation is the best way to learn. There is little room for theory. You need to create AI-compatible applications to discover a little more about this technology. If you have a favourite field, it is advisable to look for a solution to develop this sector. For example, you love mechanics. Then you could find an interesting way of improving a car’s performance or reducing the likelihood of a motorbike breaking down. Remember that AI is useful in finance and accounting, HR, medicine and aviation.

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