Best AI solutions for recruitment

Best AI solutions for recruitment

AI has become an essential technological tool for businesses. Indeed, its precision makes the work it does more efficient. It is interesting to note the development of companies that are integrating AI into their production strategy. This technology is constantly progressing. It is suitable for all business sectors. Currently, the HR and recruitment fields can be automated through the use of AI. Statistics show that recruiters who have tested the automation of their HR management are satisfied. If you are thinking of integrating this technology, here are the most effective AIs for managing your recruitment.

AI solutions for recruitment

Sentiment analysis for creating job offers

It’s quite difficult to write a job advert. You need to describe the company’s values and activities. Then you list the tasks to be carried out and the qualifications required for the post. Sometimes this description is counter-productive. If you don’t know how to write it, even if a candidate has the required qualifications, they won’t apply. Why won’t they apply ? Because they don’t think they’re up to the job you’re looking for.

To make the offer relevant, you need to describe a “typical candidate”. That way, you’ll find the right words to engage candidates. This is a difficult task. That’s why using Sentiment analysis pays off. This is a machine learning algorithm. It analyses and understands a person’s emotions, opinions and attitudes by reading certain words. It determines the emotional tone of the words chosen when writing job descriptions. This makes them easier to read. Candidates will be more inclined to apply and send in their applications. You’ll have more choice in your search for the perfect profile.

iMocha to determine the competence of candidates

When you need talent urgently, iMocha Talent Analytics is the AI to use. It helps you find the best candidate in the shortest possible time. This AI offers you hundreds of tests to quickly assess the skills of applicants. There’s no need to call the candidate in for a test. iMocha guarantees the authenticity of the results through advanced monitoring. Applicants cannot cheat in any way whatsoever. It can be integrated with recruitment platforms to make recruitment easier to manage. Combine this AI with Workday, Taleo or Lever. This tool enables the recruitment process to be automated, without prejudice.

eSkills to assess job applicants is an AI application that automates the recruitment process through behavioural assessments. To help you organize your recruitments, eSkills improves their quality. As a recruiter, you can add skills assessment tests tailored to each position to the platform. Integrate videos and audios, in addition to written tests. By including a field where candidates can insert audio content, you can quickly test their language skills. This allows you to judge their communication skills. Time each test if necessary. As for the questions, you can choose between open-ended or multiple-choice questions. This AI helps you to check the identity of candidates and discover each person’s talents.

AI solutions for recruitment 2

Autonomous sourcing to search for CVs

This is a very interesting tool, because it makes the recruiter’s job easier. This AI searches for candidates’ CVs on CV storage platforms and on Linkedin. It sources the CVs. It filters all the profiles it finds on these platforms. Autonomous sourcing is based on the company’s search criteria and the skills required. As a result, it only offers you the best candidates who meet your search criteria.

Resume Screening to sort CVs

Resume Screening is a very powerful piece of machine learning software. It analyses the contents of a CV very closely. As a result, it can pinpoint a candidate’s key skills. It is effective to use this technology when you are managing several recruitments at once. It classifies candidates’ CVs according to their skills and job offers. You no longer have to sort through CVs one by one, because this AI tool does it for you.

Serre to improve the hiring process

This tool is popular with start-ups and fast-growing companies. Serre integrates easily with recruitment platforms. This AI provides you with a wide range of software to improve the recruitment process. Its use reduces administrative burdens. You can interact with candidates throughout the recruitment process.

Do you need to create a recruitment plan? Serre can help you develop an effective strategy. In this way, you reduce the time allocated to recruitment. It helps you find the best platforms for sourcing talent. It guarantees fair recruitment.

Indeed, AI offers tools to reduce prejudice, such as diversity, labelling and inclusion software. During mass recruitment, the recruitment manager receives hundreds of CVs. This is tedious and time-consuming. So sometimes they eliminate a candidate on the basis of the photo or the structure of the CV. They don’t look at the details of the summary to judge the applicant’s skills. Your company could be missing out on an interesting talent. Serre carries out these repetitive tasks for you in a short space of time. It analyses the candidate’s skills in depth, before deciding whether or not he or she is of interest.

Recruteurs intelligents for hiring the best profiles

Recruteurs intelligents is a very comprehensive platform. It has a number of features to help you attract and find the best candidates. It enables recruitment marketing and collaborative hiring. The hiring process becomes faster. Because recruiters and HR staff can select and assess a candidate together. All this is possible on a single platform. They can discuss each application more easily. This intelligent application can also be accessed on iOS and Android mobiles.


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