Can ChatGPT replace search engines ?

Can ChatGPT replace search engines ?

ChatGPT is one of the most talked-about artificial intelligences at the moment. It is used by many professionals to facilitate their work. Its arrival on the market has changed our perception of the web as we knew it before. Internet users use this intelligent software to carry out searches. It provides answers very quickly, following the instructions given to it. Is this a threat to search engines ?

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ChatGPT for finding information

It should be emphasized at the outset of this article that ChatGPT was not created to be a search engine. In fact, you can obtain information by using it. However, the designers have specified that the data provided by this software dates from before the end of 2021.

ChatGPT does not search the Internet for the information it provides. It has a large amount of pre-recorded data. It was provided with this data when it was designed. To respond to your requests, it analyses the instructions. It then searches its database, not the Internet, for answers.  ChatGPT cannot give you a result if you ask for news from this year. This is because the information has not yet been integrated into the program.

If you search on the search engines. You will immediately find information on what is happening at the other end of the world at the moment. What’s more, on search engines, you’ll find a multitude of versions of an event. Because what they say depends on the writer’s point of view. But with ChatGPT, there isn’t enough variety, as it is based solely on the information that has been integrated into it. As it is not connected to the Internet, this intelligent robot provides only one answer. Even if you have several suggestions, the idea remains the same. It just makes a few changes to rephrase it.

The reliability of information provided by ChatGPT

The controversy surrounding the reliability of ChatGPT’s responses is currently making headlines. Apart from its lack of updating and variety of sources, it would appear that this intelligent software has another flaw. To construct sentences, it relies on the probability of word succession. Sometimes it does not follow logic. According to experiments, ChatGPT invents answers. No matter what query you enter. Although this is not a recurring occurrence, this Open AI system can make mistakes. What’s more, it knows how to justify the false information it gives in order to convince you that it’s the truth.

This is very worrying, because there are people who use this tool to create blog posts. What does the future hold for the Internet if it is full of false information? Will we still be able to rely on this means of information in the future? It is very important to check the veracity of the content provided by ChatGPT. It must not be used by an unqualified person.

On the Internet, of course, you can find distorted information. But it all depends on the source you follow. The advantage is that, on the search engines, you can choose the site you go to for information.

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What are the advantages of ChatGPT ?

On reflection, you might wonder why ChatGPT is gaining in popularity. There are many reasons. It is able to provide information instantly. The interface is like a message center. You enter your request and the response appears at the bottom. It’s as if you were chatting to a friend. ChatGPT gives an impression of personalization and interest. Users have access to data that meets their expectations. This response has been specially designed for Internet users. What’s more, you can ask him to rephrase certain passages if you don’t understand what he’s saying. It will summarize or expand on a paragraph, if you so wish. This algorithm adapts easily to your level of culture and language. It responds in a formal, romantic or humorous way, if that’s what you ask.

With search engines, there is no question of personalizing the response. They provide you with a list of sources whose information may be able to answer your query.

Can ChatGPT be combined with search engines ?

To keep the interest of Internet users, search engines need to be more inventive. Indeed, users have the impression of having a conversation during their ChatGPT experience. Microsoft Bing has understood this vision. So it added artificial intelligence to the search engine. Open AI’s GPT-4 model has been integrated into Microsoft Bing. When you arrive at the interface, a dialogue box opens up. This makes it easier to search for information. It’s even easier to carry out in-depth searches thanks to this combination of technologies. This is a very judicious alternative for keeping ChatGPT up to date. The information it provides is no longer limited. What’s more, the sources are searchable.

ChatGPT and search engines: competitors or complementary ?

Clearly, Because this technology, while intelligent, does not replace search engines. Even with Bing, it simply relies on the information that this engine offers. ChatGPT does not add any extra information or creativity to the content offered by Bing. However, it can give you a precise summary so that you quickly have the data you’re looking for. You can easily find more explanatory answers by consulting the sources.

ChatGPT cannot yet compete with the search engines. You can obtain information by using it, but the reliability leaves something to be desired. With search engines, you can see local offers or current promotions. You can also get information from several sources to get the maximum knowledge on a given subject. Search engines are essential, even if ChatGPT is constantly evolving.

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