ChatGPT: our top recommended plugins

ChatGPT: our top recommended plugins

The use of plugins is always convenient when you maintain and manage a website or a blog. They are used to add functionality or meet specific needs on the platform. When you need more options on your website or browser, you opt for a specific type of plugin. If you are not an IT specialist, you can easily get lost. Fortunately, there are some handy ChatGPT plugins that make it easy to get started. Linking your plugins to an artificial intelligence saves you time. Here are the best ChatGPT plugins to use this year.

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There’s an AI For That

As its name suggests, it offers you the type of tool that suits your needs. This plugin is all-in-one. It combines all the plugins needed to carry out a project, whether personal or professional. Here are some examples of the tools available:

  • Webscraping
  • io for newsletters
  • IA ClassPoint using the Powerpoint tool
  • WonderAI for creating articles
  • Distillr for article synthesis
  • Shotrate for converting text into images

It is easy to use as you only have to insert the type of tool you are looking for on the bot. In this case, you must have a clear idea of the functionality you want to add. The AI cannot think for you. It can only execute your request. Then ChatGPT gives you a list of tools that meet your needs. It is up to you to select the one that interests you most. As each tool is different, so is its efficiency and performance.

Prompt perfect

Prompt Perfect is the plugin to install immediately if you use ChatGPT to create articles. Indeed, it is used to perfect the prompts you give to ChatGPT. As a user, you know that this artificial intelligence can give results that are not suitable for your request. Prompt Perfect makes changes and clarifications to the instructions you give to ChatGPT. When you enter instructions in the prompt, this plugin completes and rephrases them so that they are taken into account. The answers you get for your article or list will then be more relevant. This tool helps to have more developed answers with more value and information.


This is a very insightful tool for professionals who use several applications at the same time. Zapier prevents your computer from being filled with multiple tabs. Its use prevents you from getting lost between these applications. It removes unnecessary operations. You connect it to your computer and give it instructions, and it does the rest. With a single Zapier connection, you won’t have to switch between tabs.

Here’s an example to make it clearer. By clicking on Zapier, you insert directly on ChatGPT: send a message on Slack to Maurine. The content of the message is “Give me an update on the statistics of the best selling drugs during the month”.

At the bottom of the screen, you will immediately find a summary of what you have asked for. Then it is sent. It is possible to automate the sending of messages or emails with Zapier. This can be done using a trigger word.


This is the tool to use if you want to break into the international market. If your site is not only for French speakers, it may be interesting to install the Speak plugin. It allows you to translate and communicate in any other language. Users perceive this plugin as a language teacher, as it helps you to learn and speak another language correctly, without any vocabulary deficiencies.

To do this, you just need to indicate the language into which you want to translate your sentence or text. Then insert the sentences to be interpreted. You will receive answers instantly. Even if you have only selected one language, you will receive different suggestions. Why is this? Because a word changes its meaning when it is in a sentence. So you have several suggestions. It’s up to you to choose the one that evokes the idea you want to share. By the way, Speak gives you an explanation of each phrase it submits.

Show Me

This is one of the best plugins in ChatGPT. Show me assists you in creating diagrams. It is up to you to give the instructions and the type of visual you want to create. Explain with ChatGPT what you need. Creating a diagram is very simple and fast when you use this ChatGPT plugin. Specify the type of graph, the colours, the indices to consider and to ignore. In short, precision is always a must when using AI.

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World News

Staying informed is very important, especially when you are a professional. However, we already know that ChatGPT’s database is not 100 % reliable. Therefore, you should not rely on the information it provides. World News changes this. It provides you with real time news. Ask it for news on any subject in any country. You get the information instantly. The news you receive thanks to this plugin are written in several languages. You just select a specific language according to your needs and World News gives you the sources of these news. You are free to browse the website to get a close look at the topic you are interested in. If you want to stay up to date on finance, business or any other topic, free gay dating websites uk is the perfect plugin.


This is a very popular plugin for businessmen. Indeed, it allows you to book flights and hotels. It is a tool that helps you organize your trip, whether it is of a professional or personal nature. All you have to do is enter your current location, destination and departure date, and Kayak will suggest all available flights. You’ll find information on the airline, the cost of the ticket and the parameters of the flight. You can even ask ChatGPT to give you the link to the booking.

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