Copy AI: everything you need to know

Copy AI: everything you need to know

Writing software is a very popular tool these days. They allow you to write articles in just a few seconds. They were not designed to replace writers. The AI editor was created to boost the productivity and efficiency of human editors. It helps them work faster. It gives them inspiration when they suffer from writer’s block. There are several IA copywriters at the moment. But the most popular with large companies is undoubtedly Copy AI. It can write captivating articles, just like a human.

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What can be achieved with Copy AI ?

Marketers and large companies are the first to start using Copy AI. It is the copywriters working in these companies who use this tool on a daily basis. Copy AI features machine learning algorithms, enabling it to be effective. It is available in over 25 different languages. So you can easily create content with Copy AI whatever language you speak.

When you have creative blocks, this software gives you ideas for content to exploit. The results may not suit you perfectly. But they can serve as inspiration. By modifying the content and adding your ideas, you can quickly come up with a relevant article.

Copy AI performs a number of tasks. It has a formula called “pain-agitation-solution”. Using this function, it creates article introductions for you. If you have already written your text, Copy AI can add improvements to make it more valuable. In the case of advertising, it is the tool to use for formulating speeches. The same applies to texts for advertising purposes on Facebook or Google. Copy AI gives you text suggestions for successful online advertising.

If you work on emails, Copy AI can give you suggestions for interesting subject lines. Finally, if you are a YouTuber, the quality of the description of your videos is very important. It guarantees good positioning in search results. can create these descriptions for you, if you lack inspiration.

Copy AI : for whom ?

Suitable for marketing professionals. It effectively improves productivity without compromising on the quality of the articles produced.

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Copy AI for web copywriters

When you’re starting from scratch to create a website, filling in the “about” section can be difficult. Using this software, you’ll come up with some very interesting suggestions. The same applies to the landing page. It offers you texts to insert, suitable for the themes of your website or your customer’s site. Value propositions and meta descriptions are also designs that you can easily create with Copy AI. Here are some other tasks you can entrust to this intelligent algorithm :

  • Creating call-to-action text ;
  • Edit event text;
  • Add social proof text;
  • Write headlines: H1, H2, H3;

When used by a copywriter, it can not only provide threads of content ideas, but Copy AI can also write for some parts of the blog post. It is considered a very powerful copywriting tool. In fact, it is an undeniable aid to good copywriting.

Copy AI for email marketers

To be profitable, email marketers have to do a lot of work. First of all, they have to collect emails from potential customers. Then they have to write emails, but above all interesting subject lines to attract customers. He only has a few words to seduce his listener and reader. To make this job easier, Copy AI is the tool that can write relevant email subject lines for you.

All you have to do is give Copy AI the instructions and it will come up with suggestions. Some of them may be out of context. But you’ll also get captivating responses. When a suggestion seems useful, ask Copy AI to make other suggestions based on it. With Copy AI you can easily activate your welcome, thank you or product and service proposal email campaigns.

How do I use Copy AI on a day-to-day basis ?

You need to create an account to use Copy AI. When you visit the site, you need to choose your connection method and the subscription that suits you best. There is a free option that allows you to create 2,000 words per month. You can create unlimited projects. Of course, if you’re a professional, you’ll need to opt for a paid subscription. This package gives you unlimited access to Copy AI.

To get started with Copy AI, choose the type of text you want to generate. There are already sample articles available on the platform. Next, familiarize Copy AI with your company and your business. Fill in your company details. Add information about the product or service you want them to write about. Finally, press the “create a copy” button. You’ll then have some draft texts. You have 10 possible variations. This allows you to improve the resulting content.

To create the “About” page, add a description of your site. Then click on “Value proposition”.

If you want to attract more customers through a mailing campaign, use the “Catchy Email Subject Lines” section. Then add the instructions for creating the email subject lines.

The experience of creating content with Copy AI is fascinating. The quality is there. The ideas it suggests are really interesting and relevant. You can use them to create your blog posts or product descriptions. When you want to create texts for SEO, you should know that he can give you good starting points. Copy AI is an insightful collaborator for digital professionals.

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