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Generative AI : will it transform our daily lives ?

Generative AI : will it transform our daily lives ?

Generative AI covers a wide range of technologies. All those that can behave intelligently are classified as AI. It can be anything from a simple document sorting program to an intelligence that can mimic human thought. Generative AI is a specific technology that is available to everyone. Professionals in any industry find benefits in using this technology. It can help to rapidly expand your business. As for generative AI, what exactly is it for and will it really change our habits ? We take a look in this article.

What are the uses of Gen-AI in everyday life ?

Since the advent of artificial intelligence, it seems difficult to imagine a world without it. Its use is increasingly common in everyday life. The world has reached a point of no return on technological advances. There is no longer anyone who does not use it, whether in business or personal life.

AI offers quick and accurate answers to customers on a website. As a merchant, it is essential to answer customers’ questions as quickly as possible. When you take a long time to answer them, they close your page and go elsewhere.

Being present is essential. Gen-IA takes care of answering your customers for you. It also makes it easier for people to navigate your site. It analyses their browsing habits to offer them products or services they might like. Your customers are pampered and at the same time, you have more time to devote to other details of your business. The chatbot is a very common tool in the world of sales sites. The answers from these AI solutions are as fast as a simple Google search.

AI presents itself as the automation of certain tasks and activities. It takes into account your music preferences, the most comfortable heating temperature for you, and so on. Then it offers this to you, without you having to set anything up or search for specific information. This technology makes your daily life easier. The learning algorithm used by generative AI is automatic. This means that new data can be generated in a short time.

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Creating content with generative AI

The appearance of the medellin women dating. Websites are flocking to its use to create various textual and visual content. Before its emergence, people created the articles, images and videos to enrich the sites. Now, generative AI does the research. Then it creates unique and interesting content. It is enriched by images that the robot can also edit.

There can be several possibilities in its use. However, it is a machine. Its functions are limited compared to the human brain. Depending on the case and the chosen theme, the creation is left to the human. He does the research and writes the articles. The advantage in this case is that the content reflects the emotions of the human who wrote it. The text is more alive. In a realization of human intelligence, mistakes and imperfections are present. This is normal, because mistakes are typical of humans. The robot will then enter the scene to correct these defects. It will correct the work so that it is flawless and without blemishes.

In another case, the robot can do all the work of the human in searching for information and writing content. This function is particularly interesting. The AI analyses the data in a short time. It can synthesise a large amount of information very quickly. What is more, it can create several articles and long texts in no time. It is faster than humans. However, the human will not disappear from the production process. The human plays the role of controller and inspector. They check that the instructions are being followed. In addition, it is necessary to check that everything is consistent and that there is no duplication. Here, the human will mainly work in the shadow of the AI.

Productivity improvement with Gen-IA

AI is finding its place in all sectors of activity. With the information the robot finds on the internet, it is able to make predictions about the future of a business. It can also describe the future trend of consumers with the data provided to it. You can easily get ahead of your competitors by offering a product or service, before it is common in the market. This is a revolution for businesses and industries. With the right information, you can make objective and risk-free business decisions. In short, you will become a reference and an expert in your sector.

If you work in the service sector, the use of AI is a must. It avoids the time-consuming tasks that take up your day. Its integration with Google is proof of its effectiveness. How much time have you saved by using the applications integrated with Google? Your team will easily find the documents they need with sharing features like Google Sheet or Google Docs.

Artists use this technology to create new music and enhance the quality of their art. Natural language processing also uses some generative AI models.

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Artificial intelligence in every stage of life

Generative AI is present in our daily lives. It is no longer possible to live without using it. It is no longer a tool, it is an indispensable companion. It can give you the best restaurant offering the menu you like. As the AI can make a list of travel destinations, it can suggest the right place for your next holiday.

With a little time, the AI will be able to integrate with all the applications you like. It can suggest the latest songs that you might like. On your favourite streaming site, you’ll get a list of series and moovies that will capture your attention. On shopping sites, you’ll get a list of interesting products that interest you, according to your buying habits and preferences. You will get suggestions on shops near you or in a well-defined area, offering the products you are looking for.

Artificial intelligence can also be integrated into the organisation of your home. In this sense, it helps you avoid unnecessary expenses. This technology will optimise the living space and the use of domestic equipment. This avoids buying anything and everything. You don’t just save money, you save space. AI meets everyone’s needs. It improves our living and working environment.


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