Google Magi: what is it?

Google Magi: what is it?

Google is known as the largest and most relevant search engine today. More than 90% of Internet users use it as the only way to conduct their searches. However, with the advent of artificial intelligence solutions such as ChatGPT, Google also wants to facilitate searches through the use of AI. The solution it wants to offer is called Magi. New functionalities are to be expected with this AI solution. It would also be able to generate codes, images and linguistic data. Magi will be tested by American Internet users in a few weeks. But what exactly is Magi ?

What is Google Magi ?

Google’s search engine is currently the most used in the world. Google’s search engine is currently the most used in the world. Given the effectiveness of current artificial intelligence solutions, Google also wants to integrate artificial intelligence into its functionalities. The aim of Google Magi is to predict what people want to know through their searches. Google Magi will also analyze the preferences of Internet users and propose adapted answers.

Google wants Magi to be a solution capable of discussing and conversing realistically with the Internet user. This would enable it to respond more effectively to their needs and provide clearer information. This AI solution would be more successful than BARD.

Google AI Magi

Why would Google take on the development of Magi ?

To compete with Google and its current search engine, other large firms such as Microsoft with Bing or OpenAI and its famous ChatGPT have already taken steps regarding quick searches and AI chatbots.

In the smartphone market, the Korean firm Samsung is reportedly considering replacing the default search engine on its devices with Bing. The efficiency of AI associated with this Microsoft solution is said to have convinced Samsung Electronic Co. It should be noted that Samsung is in partnership with Google until now.

Google is increasingly interested in AI solutions to exploit their potential. Indeed, AI solutions can generate relevant information by exploiting old data on the web. The principle of ChatGPT goes in this direction. He chats with Internet users based on this old information. ChatGPT even allows for the creation of texts by focusing on the requests of Internet users and the information they provide.

By combining conversational features, legacy data mining and real-time query analysis, Google Magi aims to do better than its competitors.

Is Google Magi in development yet ?

Even though Google has announced that it plans to test Magi in the next few weeks, no information on its development is yet official. The same is true for the planned features. Nevertheless, a representative of the American firm said that Google plans to deploy certain AI functions that will be integrated into its search engine.

It should be noted that entering the race for artificial intelligence solutions is important for Google. As competitors advance, it could lose partners, market share, a lot of revenue and its position as market leader. It is in Google’s interest to develop and surpass itself in order to offer a high-performance AI solution.

Constraints that could block the deployment of Google’s Magi

The design of a search engine is difficult, especially when incorporating AI-powered features. It is important to consider various technological parameters. Some of the blockages that Magi might encounter include :

  • The guarantee that the information and data provided by Magi will be accurate and can actually be taken into account.
  • The guarantee that the information and identity of the users will be secure. The issue of confidentiality is always relevant for AI-assisted technologies, where you can actually talk to the chatbot.
  • The guarantee that Google will take responsibility for the use and application of its artificial intelligence algorithms.

Faced with these questions, Google Magi must reassure users and Internet users. It is important that it respects the required standards, particularly with regard to privacy. The quality of the solution must also be there to surpass what the competition is offering.

Nevertheless, many media and ICT firms seem to be very interested in Google’s Magi AI solution. According to them, Magi can offer a new search experience to Internet users. Searches will be richer, but also more fun. By using AI, Magi allows for real-time chat. It will also provide more relevant information by taking into account the real needs of the user. Magi will also be closer to the user, as it will analyze and respond to user queries with more relevance.

Other features expected on Google Magi

According to rumours, Magi will also be linked to Google Earth to make it easier to search for a specific place and get all the information about it. It would also be possible to chat with the AI while searching for good music to listen to. The AI’s features would even aim at setting the playlist you like, while continuing to chat with you.

At the same time, Magi is said to have the ability to create images based on Google Images searches. It would also be able to help you learn a particular language just by chatting and using Tivoli Tutor.

Furthermore, if you use Chrome, Magi will open a chatbot that will accompany you throughout your browsing. This will facilitate your searches, but also your user experience on the Internet.

In addition to these points, Google would like Magi to generate texts and IT codes. It would be able to answer specific questions about programming.

Google Magi AI solution

Risks for Google

Recently, Google has already lost a lot of money with the presentation of BARD. Indeed, some of the advertisements and questions published about this AI solution were incorrect. This caused the American company to lose the confidence of its shareholders. This small mistake cost the company more than manhunt hook up. This represents more than 9% of its stock market capital. Its reputation was also damaged.

So far, no release date for Magi is planned. However, on the Workspace platforms managed by the firm, specific AI functionalities are planned to be released. These include AI solutions for creating summaries or rewriting text. It is also possible to create the content of an email from these solutions. They will be associated with Gmail, but also Gdocs, Google Sheet, etc.

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