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Humanising the quality of a text written by AI: how to do it ?

Humanising the quality of a text written by AI: how to do it ?

Do you also want to use ChatGPT in your blog post design? You should know that this is quite common nowadays. However, there are a few challenges that need to be addressed. Since the introduction of artificial intelligence, blog owners are rushing to use it. Producing articles through the use of this tool makes it possible to produce articles faster/ It is also cheaper. This new AI-powered software is available to everyone. But not everyone can produce readable blog posts with AI. Here are some tips on how to humanize your writing with ChatGPT.

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AI text vs. human text

Numerous experiments have compared texts designed by a human and by an artificial intelligence. It has been found that the text produced by a human has a given style. It has a specific tone. The article emits emotion. Indeed, the writer’s feelings at the time of editing the article are felt through his text. The words he or she uses, the tone he or she uses, and the image he or she shares evoke feelings. When you read the article, you get to experience his emotions. They are easier to read. And they are more attractive, more interesting.

It is this part of humanity that is missing from texts produced by artificial intelligence. Although Google does not consider them to be spam, it is easy to spot them.

Optimize your syntax and rely on more structured sentences

Artificial intelligences that aim to produce articles, such as ChatGPT, follow an established protocol for writing. They are predictable. The construction of sentences is already predefined. This allows AI detection algorithms to know when a text has been produced by this type of robot.

Here, you don’t do the writing, the AI tool ChatGPT does that. When it has finished its part of things, you have the task of making changes to the writing. Look at the sentence structure. Are they all in the passive or active voice? A human cannot write a text in one structure from beginning to end. Therefore, alternate your sentence structure. Rearrange words. Change some of the terms used to make the text more lively.

AI is also marked by the length of sentences. The flow of the writing and the intonations of the sentences mean that they do not have the same length. So make sure you have long sentences, while respecting the https://aitoolshunter.com/505801-dating-coaching-nyc/. Substitute phrases to reduce the length of some sentences and lengthen others.

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Make your AI-generated article undetectable

If you find that the first solution is too much work, then you can use another AI solution. This is Undetectable.AI. This software helps you to make changes faster, without breaking your head. It brings the missing human touch to your text. All you have to do is insert your article in the zone set up for this purpose. Wait a few minutes. You will get a formatted text, with a more human and warm style. No AI detection software will be able to tell that it was written by the ChatGPT tool or any other content generator. Using several AI-enabled tools can save time and optimize your blog posts.

Opt for quality prompts

To write an article with AI, it is not enough to mention the title. You have to give the tool specific instructions to get the desired result. The more detailed and quality prompts you create, the better and more human the result. If the first draft does not meet your expectations, rephrase your request. This way ChatGPT knows to focus on a particular part of the article.

The prompt should contain the word count you expect and the style of writing. Be aware, however, that ChatGPT cannot write an article longer than 500 words. Beyond that, you risk having repetitive sentences with no new ideas. You should also check the veracity of the content. If you have to write longer articles, you should guide the robot step by step. Make your own subtitles. This is an exercise you have to do to help the algorithm easily execute your instructions. With time, you will be more efficient in creating articles with AI.

Add more information to your texts

Google does not penalise articles edited using AI tools when they respond to users’ requests. They are even rewarded by the algorithm and rank well when they benefit readers. That’s the hardest part of using ChatGPT in the editorial process.

You already know that the information provided by this tool is not always true. Sometimes it lacks content and information. The reader does not find the answer to his query after reading the whole article. This penalizes you in the eyes of Google.

Informative content is important, no matter how you work. You can choose to write it using smart software, or create it yourself from scratch. As long as your content provides value and relevant information, it will be appreciated by this search engine.

Diversify your vocabulary

As with any blog post, you need to show that you are an expert in the field you are blogging about. Demonstrate your knowledge by using words that are specific to the topic. The use of professional jargon is encouraged if you are addressing this type of audience. However, abuse is not well received. Your article must be understandable. Technical terms should be used sparingly. It is necessary that the style you adopt is readable and decipherable by your audience. Otherwise, they will close your site to find answers elsewhere. Your role as a writer is to personalise the articles written by artificial intelligence tools like ChatGPT. You have to make them more qualitative, more educational and more human.

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