Restore your photos : the 8 best AI tools

Restore your photos : the 8 best AI tools

For many reasons, important images can be damaged or deleted. This is why software or applications are used to restore photos. Older images with scratches, dirt and other imperfections can be improved with this type of AI-based tool. Indeed, the advent of artificial intelligence has led to major advances in photo restoration. Contrasts are adjusted. The same applies to brightness and sharpness. What’s more, results are achieved very quickly. If you want to use relevant AI solutions to correct your photos, here are the 8 best AI applications we found on the market.

top Photo Restoration Tools

Image Colorizer

At the top of this list is this particularly easy-to-use platform. It is intuitive and allows you to revive your old memories. The colouring is automatic. This makes it easy to edit a large number of photos in a short time. It is an AI tool that professionals can use, because mass restoration is possible and quite simple.

What makes it special? Image Colorizer is the benchmark in black and white image restoration. This software analyses the information on an image. Then it applies colour contrasts to make the image more attractive and lively. It automatically regulates the contrast and intensity of each photo. It also removes scratches and defects. This software repairs your old photos efficiently.

My Heritage

It is a platform that uses AI for image restoration. It is a very popular tool for both individuals and professionals as it can remove imperfections and blemishes from an image. It radically improves the quality of your photos.

This software combines many features. Moreover, it is considered as a genealogical platform, because it allows you to build your family tree with ease. Those old blurry photos where it is difficult to distinguish people’s faces become sharper with My Heritage. The restoration is accurate. The AI balances the colours, bringing more clarity. But the best thing about this tool is that it is even possible to animate old photos. With its use, you will feel as if you took the photo yesterday.

Vance AI

Are you a professional in image editing? Are you a simple user who wants to bring old family photos back to life? The Vance AI platform is the right software for you. The AI built into this platform can restore your damaged and scratched images. This is done with precision. No more time-consuming manual retouching. With Vance AI, retouching is automatic.

The tool brings an authentic colouring to your old photos. It is automatic and stays true to the appearance of people and objects in the image. The algorithm reduces noise for a unique and authentic look. You can restore multiple images at the same time using Vance AI. This bulk retouching saves time while producing high-resolution images.

Remani Ai

This platform is aimed at mobile users. It is a mobile application for restoring old photos. This repair and improvement of images is done in just a few seconds. So you can see the result instantly. You can continue editing until you get a perfect photo.

The interface of Remani Ai is ergonomic. You can easily handle the tool, even if you have little knowledge of this technology. The other advantage of the platform is that it allows you to share your photos instantly on the networks. You can send them to your friends via messaging or post them on your stories and publications. The process is quick and easy.

best Photo Restoration Tools


It is the AI tool for the needs of graphic designers and photographers. It is a versatile and powerful tool. Its interface is robust and offers great capabilities to repair and restore images. When wear and tear and time have taken their toll on your family photos, this is the software to use to give them a second life. Colouring is automatic. It has amazing design and editing features. It gives amazing and perfect results.

Its plus? The has great compatibility. It supports many image formats: JPEG, GIF, JPG, png and others. The processing time for repairing and colouring your photos is also reduced. This is because the algorithm of this artificial intelligence is particularly efficient.

Photo Restoration.AI

It is the reference AI solution in terms of photo repair. Thanks to the artificial intelligence of this tool, it can repair damaged files. When your photos are scratched, blurred or damaged, Photo Restoration.AI is the software to use. Its algorithm rectifies the imperfections. It restores the colouration and quality of the images. It can also remove stains that are damaging your photos.

By using this software, it is as if the restoration of your photos was done by a professional. The navigation on the site is very simple and fast. Your images retain their original quality. It should also be noted that the algorithm supports many image formats.

The specificity of this application is the colouring of the images. You know that colours give life to photographs. The colouring is automatic. The AI inspects the image to be restored. Then it applies the right colours to each object and character present. It updates your old photos with its algorithm that uses many different tinting techniques.

This application also offers you the possibility to repair your images. Basic retouching such as removing scratches, improving sharpness and controlling brightness becomes easier. The quality of your images is enhanced with


It is a technology that can be installed on a phone. Restoring images is easier with Photomyne. Scan your old family photos using your phone’s camera. Then activate this application to start the restoration. The AI analyses the image and performs the necessary cropping to renovate the image. Then, the sharpness and colouring are improved automatically. You get perfect, like-new images. All of this is done on your phone, which makes it easy to share. You can post them on social networks or print them.

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