Risks and drawbacks of ChatGPT

Risks and drawbacks of ChatGPT

ChatGPT is a chatbot with AI technology that impresses everyone who uses it. It is able to answer all your questions on any subject. This tool has the ability to retrieve a large amount of information and then synthesize it. It will then analyze the data from different sites, books and other virtual sources. This will allow it to generate unique and original articles in a short time. It can be said that it facilitates the work of a content creator. It can be your ally in finding inspiration for creating texts. However, this tool is not as foolproof as it may seem. It has its drawbacks in terms of use. Here are some of the risks of ChatGTP addiction.

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ChatGPT’s users are at the mercy of OpenAI

This software was created by the company OpenAI. As a user and observer, it is impossible to describe exactly how the manufacturers have set up ChatGPT. The architecture of this algorithm is not known. What is certain is that its release has changed the world.

This company is behind generative AIs such as GPT-3, GPT-4 and Dall E-2. Users of this tool have no choice but to trust these developers regarding the veracity of the data provided by GPT-Cat. Security is a thorny issue. As a user, one does not know whether the development of ChatGPT respects the moral principles involved. One can only trust OpenAI on this issue and believe that some ethics are respected.

The use of ChatGPT can lead to mass unemployment

Many people may lose their jobs because of this AI solution. In order to make more profit, many companies are opting to use this artificial intelligence, which costs them less. Indeed, it is more productive because it is faster in content creation tasks. People working in the digital communication sector have had their jobs stolen and eliminated by ChatGPT.

Indeed, this robot is capable of performing time-consuming customer service tasks. All positions in the customer service area, whether in pre-sales or post-sales, are threatened by this technology. It can be said to be disrupting the environment and everyone’s life.

ChatGPT gives wrong answers

According to the testimony of some users of this technology, gay men love making is not as reliable as one might think. It is said that error is human and that ChatGPT will correct and erase these human imperfections. However, this is not the case. It tends to make mistakes and give inaccurate information to users.

At times, ChatGPT is unable to follow simple logic. To provide an answer to a question, it calculates the probability of the word that follows the other. In other words, the construction of a sentence is done word by word and not according to a specific idea. Thus, it chooses the words that are most likely to fit the previous word. The tool can thus produce a meaningless and incoherent sentence. The answer is the result of a succession of guesses. Not everything that ChatGPT writes should be taken as reality, even if it is able to defend its answers.

ChatGPT’s biased behavior not yet resolved

ChatGPT risks

On the internet, there are events from the past and the present. ChatGPT relies on past literature and facts to give answers to the user. It is therefore sensitive to this data. It is not uncommon to see ChatGPT writing articles in favor of racial or sexual discrimination. And AI tool advocates this mentality of disadvantaging people of color and not giving women their right.

This problem has been denounced by the users of this tool. In fact, researchers and engineers at OpenAI are looking for solutions to correct this flaw. Indeed, this can lead to much more serious problems in the long term.

This is the difference between ChatGPT and other AIs like Alexa or Siri. Before providing an answer, these applications search the internet for information and verify it. This is how you get accurate data. Until today, ChatGPT is not yet 100 % accurate.

ChatGPT: A danger for the education system

The chatbot ChatGPT can perform many tasks for you. It is available to the general public. This tool can translate articles from French into another language. It can also write essays and informative texts. Its system has the ability to summarize a 1000 page book in a few minutes. But it can also do students’ homework for them without difficulty.

According to teachers, students who use ChatGPT to do their homework get higher grades. This suggests that these students no longer have to work hard to pass exams and get a diploma. They just have to use this intelligence. Without much effort, the result is there, but the knowledge disappears.

In the long run, one wonders whether it will be useful to learn the alphabet and whether it will be necessary to go to school. Will education still have value and importance if we can get the answers to our questions with a few clicks ? Then, we can rely on and use ChatGPT to write our cover letters and CVs. What’s more, it can do your job for you. The existence and usefulness of schools and the education system are threatened by this so-called smart technology.

ChatGPT is changing the world, but is it the best side of the world?

The false information produced by this artificial intelligence is a danger to the world. Over time, this false data will be acquired by Internet users looking for information. By not knowing that it is false data, their perception of reality will be changed.

This algorithm is capable of creating a lot of content in a short time. In the near future, the information on the internet will be the work of ChatGPT. No human will be there to check the veracity of the information it produces. The internet will become less reliable than it is now. But the great danger is that ChatGPT can persuade you that this false data is true. What impact will this have on the subjects of chemistry, health or safety ?

ChatGPT’s ability to produce flawless articles avoids spotting hooks. Previously, the system could spot risky emails by scanning for these mistakes. But with this new tool, that becomes impossible. Is ChatGPT really a technology that will change the world ?

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