The 7 best AI-powered image generators

The 7 best AI-powered image generators

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been shaking up the world of new technology and even our daily lives. While most of us are already familiar with ChatGPT and what it can do in terms of searching for information and generating content, you should know that AI can also be used in other areas. For professional or private use, AI also has the ability to help you produce images. This can have many advantages. A good AI image generator saves you time and money. But in order to achieve your goals, you also need to choose the right tool. In this article, you will find a list of the 7 most effective AI image generators of the moment.


Whether you’re a professional artist or an amateur, if you’re looking to showcase your creative spirit without wasting time, Ando can help you greatly. This image generator that uses AI technology can be combined with Figma for collaborative work.

Ando has a very intuitive interface. This will allow you to generate original images, perform editing actions and share your production directly. You will no longer have to install external applications that perform the editing and sharing operation. Ando takes care of everything.

The AI Ando application also has the particularity of producing images with an original design.  It is a tool that creates real works of art. In order to achieve this, it draws inspiration from the many images that are stored in its database. Ando also has the ability to take examples from a pack of descriptive texts to produce unique and stylish images.


This is another AI solution that was developed by OpenAI, the developer of ChatGPT. This tool can generate images with text descriptions. It can help marketers and web designers with their daily work and optimize their time. You just have to give this software the textual description of the image you want to produce, and it will design it from the billions of images it has in stock. Dall-E2 has the ability to change the texture of the image, but also its style, tone, perspective, etc., in order to have an original image.

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This is the reference AI tool for image production based on artificial intelligence technology. Midjourney is also based on Discord. Like Dall-E2, it has the ability to produce images by focusing on the descriptive text you provide. The generated images are synthetic, but realistic.

Midjourney can produce all types of images whether you need a picture of a character, a specific object, an animal or a scene. It is integrated with Discord for ease of use. In fact, Midjourney now has millions of users on this platform. To use it, all you have to do is send a PM to a room to request the production of a specific image.

Midjourney is mainly used by professionals to create advertising images. It can also be used to create content for a video game or an image for an SEO article.


If you have a creative mind and an artistic spirit, but don’t have much time, JasperArt is for you. This AI solution will help you turn your ideas into art through images generated by artificial intelligence. dating gemini man experience doesn’t just produce images based on a description. You can choose in its settings the style of image you need. You can also ask it and describe the technique you like. It will then make a composition from its image bank to generate a unique image template to suit your needs.

JasperArt is not only targeted at professionals. Beginners can also use it. It allows you to produce an original image even if you are not familiar with image processing and graphic design tools.

The level of detail offered by the images generated with this tool is impressive. It also has a unique input feature that surpasses that of competitors. The solution is available in 26 languages and allows you to create high quality images.


Photosonic is an AI tool that can bring your ideas and emotions to life. This tool has the ability to create artistic images in seconds. You can choose between different types of styles to design a unique image with this solution. It also allows you to make adjustments to the generated image according to your needs, to fine-tune the quality and the final result.

In addition, Photosonic allows you to choose the background and scene of your image. You can opt for a natural landscape, or an electric and virtual scene. It is also possible to opt for a background with animals or a fictional character to create a quality image with originality.

This application is appreciated by digital marketing professionals. The results obtained are realistic and full of originality.

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If you want to create NFTs, using Fotor is a great idea. It can also help you create artistic images that look good and stand out from the crowd. You don’t have to do anything. Just tell Fotor what you want. Fotor will generate the picture you need.

Fotor’s database already contains over 10,000 basic images. It is possible to use these to generate the best possible photo with the skills of Fotor’s AI. Features such as filters and background remover are very interesting options on this application. They allow you to customize the background of the image and to have unique and original backgrounds.

Deep Dream Generator

The artificial intelligence that equips Deep Dream Generator is particularly effective. It allows you to generate high quality and original images with just a few clicks. The algorithms of this AI solution study your request in order to model it into a quality image. The neural networks of artificial intelligence analyze in depth your needs and each image it has stored in order to make the perfect image that meets your requirements. This tool is able to compile many images and styles to produce a unique and original photo that can be used in the design of an advertisement, web content, video, or other.

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