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The best AI solutions that help you in your daily life

The best AI solutions that help you in your daily life

If you haven’t used AI tools in your life yet, you should know that there are solutions on the market that can help you in your daily life. To help you try the best solution, we list some AI tools that could change your habits and practices in this article.

ChatGPT to produce texts via the AI solution

ChatGPT is the most famous AI solution of the moment in any category. ChatGPT is a generative AI that was developed by the firm OpenAI. It has the ability to store a large amount of linguistic data. This allows it to learn, understand, but also produce articles and content of different themes and topics.

ChatGPT can also answer all kinds of queries and has the ability to converse with a user via the chatbot system. It has the means to learn, but also to understand, the language of humans. This AI tool can learn automatically in order to give the user the clearest possible answers within a short time. Furthermore, when giving answers, ChatGPT considers the user’s preferences.

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Fikki for producing video content

If you are a video enthusiast or a professional in the field of video production, this AI tool is a must-have. This solution allows the conversion of text content into video content. With this tool, you have the ability to turn a script into a video. It is even possible to make a video with the content of your blog.

To do this, various features are available on Fikki. Among other things, you can create a personalized voice-over for each video. There are more than 900 voice timbres that can produce more than 70 different languages.

You also have access to a very rich media library with a large quantity of images to make quality videos. The solution also offers you access to video clips and a variety of background music to make an original and quality production.

Fikki has tools for editing your video and for final editing.

This solution is available for free, but with limited functionality. The paid offer varies from 8 to 88 dollars, depending on your needs.


These days, artificial intelligence is everywhere. It even has the ability to generate company names if you don’t know what would be the most relevant name for your business. For this, you no longer need to use the services of a communication agency. Namelix can make your search easier.

This AI solution is based on different criteria to choose the right company name. As a parameter it takes into account, you have the keywords associated with the activity of the company. There is also the style and type of business. Simply enter these parameters and Namelix will make a proposal of various names that could become your company’s name.


Designed for writers, students preparing their thesis, but also for individuals or professionals who need help in writing a text, this AI solution allows you to write quality articles. Writesonic stands out for its intuitive and easy-to-use interface. If you need to create a blog, this AI tool will help you. It can also help you create product sheets or write part of your white paper.

To launch Writesonic, all you have to do is describe the theme or topic you want to cover. Writesonic will produce the content that best meets your requirements. In the content it will generate, this AI solution will propose titles, but also paragraphs and various keywords and phrases.

To dating sites for africans, it is available in a free version. However, the amount of content you can create will be limited. You will have to go through the paid mode to benefit from an unlimited credit and create various articles.


If you are looking for a more intuitive search engine that can converse with you, Andi is the AI solution for you. Far from the classic search engines like Google and its numerous ads, Andi meets the current needs of Internet users. It does not offer content with spam. Its designers also avoid SERPS with advertisements and paid links that do not interest users. The latter are only integrated if you use the paid mode and if you have a professional profile.

Although this search engine is quite new on the market, it has already raised more than 2.5 million dollars for its future development. Andi allows you to search by conversing with its AI interface in order to get accurate and targeted information. This tool is also aiming at other functionalities in the near future in order to become a real personal assistant.

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Tome Ai

This generative AI tool has the ability to generate interactive stories in the form of images, videos or other. The interface of Tome Ai is particularly intuitive and developed in a responsive way.

Among other things, the solution allows you to transform a verbal presentation into an engaging video with an attractive storytelling. Simply use the features offered by the solution to create an original and attention-grabbing story. You can even add 3D elements to the file to be created or ask the tool to insert external elements that you have found on the Net.

Once the story has been created, you can ask Tome Ai to share it with your friends, colleagues or superiors.


This is also a tool to help you create quality articles. There are many similar solutions on this list, but this tool stands out for its natural language processing features.

You can generate original and 100 % unique texts whether you need blog posts, quality content for your social media posts or other. This solution can also provide content for your emails. Simply enter your query and expectations and the tool will suggest the appropriate content.

This tool is perfect for professionals in need of inspiration. It can generate eye-catching copywriting content, but also articles such as news, fact sheets and even stories and novels.

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