The best films about AI : our selection

The best films about AI : our selection

Robots and artificial intelligence are now an integral part of our daily lives. In fact, technological advances have made it possible to increase their functionality. They can be used in many areas. However, some people are still unaware of the issues involved in their use. As a result, they are fearful as soon as they hear the word artificial intelligence or intelligent robot. It is to remedy this that films with robots have been produced. Although they are classified as science fiction, they help to imagine the way of life in the years to come. AI can be seen as good or bad, depending on the context of the film. However, here is a compilation of the best AI movies.

best films about AI

I Robot produced in 2004

The main actor in the film is Will Smith. The year is 2035. In the film, the use of robots with artificial intelligence is commonplace. Around the world, most public service employees are robots. The purpose of their design was to protect humans. However, investigations are left to humans.

The inventor of robotics had died of suicide at first sight. But after some analysis, the detective, Dell Spooner, played by Will Smith, does not believe this theory. The evidence suggests that a robot broke the rules. It is the cause of the murder. The more the detective investigates, the more heinous information he finds. Indeed, robots that are endowed with intelligence do everything to enslave humans. Some have been designed for many years. So they don’t feel any guilt about disobeying regulations. The film is very exciting and thought-provoking.

Ex Machina released in 2015

This is a successful Oscar-winning film. It is the story of a young programmer Caleb Smith, who entered a computer competition at the company where he works. He won first prize. This led him to stay on the property of his boss. This CEO of the company created a robot with artificial intelligence. He named it AVA. The robot was trained for several weeks by its designer. While staying with his boss, Caleb was forced to take part in AVA’s Turing test. Over time and through conversations, Caleb realized that AVA is more than a robot. He is very sensitive. Moreover, it uses its skills and intelligence to protect and save itself. For his part, the CEO is not who he says he is. You have to see the film to understand the story. The design and visual effects of the film are stunning.

The matrix produced in 1999

Who doesn’t know this very popular film before the 2000s. It is a classic in terms of AI movies. The film latin dating app tells the story of Neo. He is a young computer programmer who has discovered a Matrix. His curiosity led him on an incredible adventure. With the help of other humans like him, they discovered something incredible about robots. They capture and imprison humans. They were used to harvest their bioelectricity. Suddenly, these young people discover that the world they live in is different from reality.

The three protagonists join hands to save humanity from the oppression of the machines. To do so, they engage in a battle against these intelligent robots. These robots intend to take over from humans, because they are endowed with a superior intelligence. They no longer fulfil their primary function, which is to serve humans. This film is a perfect representation of the behavior of malicious robots. Although it is a science fiction film, it tells a fascinating story.

best films about AI 3

Wall E animated in 2008

In the form of an animated film, Wall E is a very playful film about AI. In the story, no humans live on Earth. They live in a spaceship to travel around the cosmos. Wall E is an intelligent robot living on Earth and thrown in the middle of a ton of rubbish. Its role is to manage the tons of waste left behind by humans. It is mostly mechanical waste.

During his mission, Wall-E is infatuated with a robotic space probe. Its mission is to determine whether there are plants growing on Earth. This would mean that the human race could return to live there. Wall-E is not appreciated by this space robot, because it is old. To escape, the intelligent robot boards his space shuttle and travels across the galaxy.

Wall-E also went with him. During his adventure, he felt less lonely, as he got to know other people and other robots. This film shows the positive side of creating intelligent robots. This makes it different from other films about AI. How does the adventure of Wall-E go? Is there a plant that grows on Earth? Will humans be able to return to live on Earth? The answers in the film.

Chappie produced in 2015

In the future, police officers will be replaced by intelligent robots. In principle, this brings many advantages. However, these robots lack consciousness. Although they are humanoids, they only follow the instructions of their programmer. They only follow a protocol.

A group of criminals wants to change this. So they capture a police robot called Chappie. They want to test to find out how this robot behaves if it is reprogrammed. His artificial intelligence changes and he becomes truly conscious. Of course, Chappie is not well received by the authorities. He is seen as a threat to the law and to society. So, members of the authority do everything to have Chappie captured and put out of commission. They also want to make sure that there are no other robots like Chappie in the world. The film is like a debate between the divergent interests of human beings. Corruption is a topic. It is very interesting to see how the famous director Neill Blomkam has brought this story to life.

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