These jobs that will be replaced by AI

These jobs that will be replaced by AI

Artificial intelligence is increasingly present in our daily lives and has become available to everyone. From small businesses to large industries, everyone is benefiting from the use of this new technology. It allows to be more efficient and increase productivity while reducing the time spent at work. This allows companies to reduce their workforce and increase their profits. In other words, the impact of intelligence can be dangerous for workers.  Indeed, there are many jobs that will be filled by robots in the near future. The transition from humans to robots is taking place gradually. But humans risk being unemployed overnight. Here are some examples of jobs that robots with artificial intelligence may fill in the near future.

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From human customer service to a more efficient chatbot ?

Artificial intelligence allows e-commerce sites to respond more quickly to customer requests. An algorithm analyses the questions of these customers and the chatbot answers them.  Often, you will find on the chatbot a multitude of choices on the frequent questions that customers are used to ask. By clicking on one of them, you get the relevant information. For more specific questions, the robot is not yet able to give an exact answer. So the human is not entirely banished from customer service work at the moment. With the help of the robot, the human has time for more important tasks. It takes care of complaints and individual customer requests. The robot cannot provide individualized results for particular requests. It will always take human intelligence for the company to really satisfy its customers. In the near future, however, conversing with a chatbot will be the norm. But as long as the chatbot cannot think like a human, humans will always have their place in this sector.

The functions of the cashier swapped for an intelligent robot

There has already been a major development in retail services. Over the past two decades, checkouts have been computerized. Some of them are already equipped with intelligence and are becoming faster and faster. This helps to limit the queuing of customers. This trend towards a more intelligent and efficient quest will increase in the coming years. The big brands are the first to use this technology, if we only mention west london gay dating. In the near future, you will no longer have to queue to pay for all your shopping. A new form of shopping will emerge. Intelligent robots will take the place of humans in the shops.

The accounting robot will replace the human

Accounting is an important branch in a company. Accountants are meticulous and particularly intelligent executives. It is a manual job that takes a lot of time. Nowadays, accountants are already working hand in hand with new technology. Thus, they are more efficient and productive. It is believed that accountants will be replaced by artificial intelligence soon.

Accounting automation has become a popular standard for large companies. These robots can analyze a large amount of data and synthesize it without tiring. They complete tasks very quickly compared to humans. What is more, they do not make any mistakes.  You can already find AI-powered salary tracking or stock management software on the market. Don’t be surprised to see an algorithm capable of doing tax returns instead of an accountant in the near future.

Human error corrected by artificial intelligence

The human brain is never immune to error. That is why in some activities, the presence of a proofreader is necessary. But with the democratization of artificial intelligence, this job can now be done by a robot. It is capable of checking whether or not there are any mistakes.  Companies as well as associations and organizations are making huge profits by using AI to proofread written documents. This technology ensures that their writing is free of mistakes and errors. The robot can be very efficient. A human may miss a typo, spelling mistake or grammatical error, but not the robot. By analyzing the structure of a sentence, it can also spot missing words. This technology offers a high quality of texts to be written in the future, without it being a tedious task for humans.

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Safer, automated aircraft piloting?

According to statistics, 57% of aircraft accidents are due to pilot error. A pilot’s error can endanger the lives of many passengers. Today, there is already autopilot, which is a form of artificial intelligence. It takes over the piloting of the aircraft. It is logical that this new technology should find its place in aviation. In all likelihood, it will replace the pilot in all his work. It offers more safety to the passengers. We are then expecting the first flight without a human pilot at the controls. It will be fully automated, following a pre-installed programme. Even if a pilot is on board, he will only play the role of a supervisor in the event of a technical failure or weather problem.

Drivers and conductors occupy other positions

It is not only airplane pilots who are affected by this future unemployment in the transport sector. There are already autonomous trains and tubes where there is no need for a pilot or driver. Today, we are already experiencing the driverless car. It is normal that tomorrow taxis and buses will be completely driverless. They will be replaced by artificial intelligence. Stops will be planned according to routes. The same applies to taxi and travel reservations. It will be fully automated and managed by an algorithm, where the human will no longer do the work. He will simply be a supervisor. Travelling in an autonomous car will be quite commonplace in a while.

Another transport-related job that is also under threat is that of delivery drivers. Delivery services using artificial intelligence effectively improve this sector. It is not only limited to delivery. The location of parcels as well as the optimization of processes are becoming more efficient thanks to AI.

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