Top 5 AI meeting support solutions

Top 5 AI meeting support solutions

AI solutions are everywhere. They are used more and more, because they facilitate the daily life of individuals and professionals. In companies, AI solutions accompany the use of the internet to obtain relevant information. It is also possible to be assisted by artificial intelligence to lead or participate in a meeting. To do this, it is necessary to choose the best solution to optimize the work during and after the meeting.

1-    Fireflies AI

Fireflies AI is a solution that allows the recording and transcription in real time of voice discussions during a meeting. It can be used on all types of sites that allow online meetings.

Fireflies AI also makes annotation tasks easier. You can insert comments or highlight key points raised during the meeting. After the meeting, these remarks can be used to conduct specific operations with your team.

Moreover, time saving is the main strength of Fireflies AI. It is possible to record, transcribe, comment and evaluate a meeting with this AI assistance solution. Then you can simply transfer the voice file to another work tool. Fireflies AI can also be integrated into Google Chrome as an extension. You can record meetings directly online if you use the Google Chrome browser during your meetings.

2-    Otter AI

There is no longer any need to manually record meetings. Otter AI assists you immediately and transcribes the voice discussions from the meeting directly. You don’t have to do anything. Otter AI can be used in an interview, during a conference, during a presentation or for a simple team meeting.

Otter AI is an excellent collaborative tool. It helps to improve the productivity of your team. This solution accompanies you when you attend an e-meeting. It directly records the exchanges, shares the audio file with you and transcribes it in full text.

Otter AI has the ability to playback the transcribed file in audio or play it directly during the meeting, if needed. In addition to playback, it can also perform a specific search for a keyword in the file. You can ask it to change certain passages or organize the content of the transcribed file. This AI support solution can also ensure that the recorded file is shared with your colleagues.

It is possible to integrate this AI meeting assistance solution with online calling and meeting applications such as Google Meet or Microsoft’s Zoom and Teams.

3-    Notes by Dubber

This AI meeting assistance solution aims to optimize collaboration between participants. Note-taking is made easier. You have the possibility to record the discussions during an interview, a team meeting or a conference. Notes by Dubber will also help you to transcribe the whole discussion or to make a summary, if you need it. The solution allows you to save time and focus on the content of each meeting.

Notes by Dubber offers a real-time synchronization option with the Microsoft Office and Google Calendar application. You can use it on all types of online meeting platforms and start recording automatically according to your meeting schedule.

The good thing about this AI meeting support solution is the possibility to have a clear report after the meeting. This means you can come back to a topic at any time. It will also be possible to know a particular context before a decision is taken. After the meeting, you will be able to share the reports with the participants.

AI meeting support solution

4-    Sembly

Sembly is an AI solution that translates recorded discussions during a meeting into text that you can use at any time. It also has the ability to analyze information from the meeting. Your team will be up and running right away, once the meeting is over.

During the transcription of the meeting, Sembly will highlight the most relevant information. It will summarize the important points of the meeting. Then you can search for information in the notes provided by Sembly. You can also edit the content to suit your needs. Then you can share the corrected file with all your colleagues or supervisors.

One of Sembly’s strengths is that it gradually learns to recognize your voice. Over time, it has the ability to give a clear response to your requests. To use it, you don’t have to download anything. All you have to do is send an invitation link to the meeting participants. The application can also be linked to the Google calendar. The invitation to the meeting and the use of Sembly will automatically take place at the time scheduled for the online meeting.

5-    Avoma

Using Avoma ensures the productivity of a meeting. This AI-assisted solution can be integrated with Zoom, but also with Google Meet, Microsoft Teams, LifeSize and many others.

You won’t need to take notes anymore when using this solution. It will take care of everything. So you can focus on the meeting, the discussions and the decisions. Avoma will also transcribe the discussions from the online meeting faithfully and in real time. Then you can have a summary of the meeting or a full transcript that you can use at any time.

AI meeting assistance solution

During the exchanges, Avoma will analyze the voices of each participant. It will recognize each of them and give you a status of the talk/listen ratio for each participant. You can even get a report on the length of time each speaker has spoken or the total length of the discussion. In addition, all participants can edit the notes taken and transcribed by Avoma in real time. After the meeting, you can share the final corrected note with all participants. The text file will be accompanied by the full audio recording.

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