Top 5 best books for learning about AI

Top 5 best books for learning about AI

Artificial intelligence is undoubtedly one of the most striking technologies of the modern world. It is no longer a fiction that we see in the movies. AI is very present and real in the market, and in our daily lives. To know how this technology is developing on the market, you have to learn. For this, you have AI books that can help you. These will help you learn and inform you about the evolution of AI and the new developments in this sector. Here are 5 of the best books you can check out to learn AI easily and quickly.

1-    Superintelligence : Paths, Dangers, Strategies by Nick Bostrom

The New York Times validated this book as its best-selling book on artificial intelligence. This book is also one of the most popular and most purchased by readers interested in AI. Superintelligence is a book published in 2014. It highlights that if machine intelligence is superior, machine brains and skills could replace human intelligence. The risk developed by this book is that this form of intelligence could even dominate the world if it were to overtake humans.

Its author, Nick Bostrom, who is a professor of philosophy at the prestigious University of Oxford, supports his hypothesis throughout the pages. He develops that the overtaking of the human brain by artificial intelligence may be the future and likely evolution of AI. In other words, AI is a real threat to the human race.

He argues in his book that forms of intelligence such as AI may surpass the skills of computer experts. Despite this prediction, the philosopher and editor of this book also believes that while this may happen, humans can prevent this risk and limit it.

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2-    The AI revolution in medecine : GPT-4 and beyond

This book was written by co-authors Isaac Kohane, Peter Lee and Carey Goldberg. It is primarily intended for the curious and AI experts who want to learn about the latest trends in AI.

The book focuses on trends concerning ChatGPT, but also GPT-4. These two AI solutions have been in the news a lot lately. They have changed the lives of many people around the world. He also talks about the benefits and opportunities that these AI solutions can bring to the world of medicine.

The co-authors of the book provide an in-depth analysis of GPT-4. They give their reasoning on the potentials of the solution in the improvement of diagnostics. This AI solution can also make patient care and consultation easier and improve various procedures. Other potentials are raised in the book and allow learning more about AI and its capabilities in medicine.

This book highlights the benefits of AI and its real impact on everyday life. It also explores and argues about the positive effects of AI in the medical field and especially in the management of medical care. It is possible that AI will have the ability to define a case on a patient at the point of death. The book is not yet on sale, but will be available in May. However, many readers have already pre-ordered it.

3-    Artificial intelligence: a modern approach by Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig

The first edition of this book appeared on the market in 1995. However, with the advances in technology and because AI has become an integral part of everyday life in various sectors, it has been revised and republished for the fourth time.

It is a complete book that covers the broad range of topics concerning artificial intelligence. Among others, it covers topics and concepts such as:

  • ICT,
  • Learning in the world of automation and robotics,
  • Security and data confidentiality.

The latest edition of the book, which is evolving over time, was launched on the market in 2021. It also deals with all aspects of AI in a theoretical, but also practical way. It can be read for informational and academic learning purposes. For students, this book is a rich resource. One can even find and learn specific computer programs.

4-    I, Human written by Tomas Chamoro-Premuzic

If you want to read a recent book that talks about AI in the modern world, this book is recommended. It was recently published and released in February 2023. The book deals with AI in a rather different way, as the subject is approached from the perspective and analysis of a psychologist.

It can also serve as a relevant academic and informational resource. Indeed, there is a new perception of artificial intelligence, beyond its technological aspect. Thus, the analysis focuses on the complex relationship between human and machine intelligence.

The main issue addressed in the book and that Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic poses to the readers is: “Are we going to use AI to improve our way of working and living, or are we going to let it take control and make us lose our freedom?

The psychologist highlights the benefits that can be gained from AI, but does not forget to present its dangers and drawbacks. According to Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, it is a source of distraction that can be dangerous if abused. It would also provoke prejudice and increase the lack of patience in certain categories of people.

5-    Life 3.0 : Being Human in the age of artificial intelligence It is an exciting and challenging book about the possible future effects of AI on society in the near future. Among other things, it discusses the impact of this technology on crime. The in-depth analysis contained in the book also addresses the relationship between AI and war, employment, but also society and the human/machine relationship.

The author also highlights the benefits of AI, as well as the dangers. He raises many questions, such as

  • How to make sure that AI is always beneficial,
  • How to avoid falling into the trap of challenges on weaponry,
  • How to avoid that AI surpasses humans in some important and basic tasks.
  • And so on.

The book pushes the reader to participate. Through the questions it poses, it lets the readers give their answers about AI. The content also opens up other questions.

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