Top 5 must-see documentaries about AI

Top 5 must-see documentaries about AI

AI has changed many practices in our daily lives. Even if some people don’t notice it, artificial intelligence is everywhere. It can be found in the health sector, but also in agriculture. The internet is also a field where AI is gaining power. If you want to know how AI is evolving now and in the near future, here is a list of the top 5 documentaries on artificial intelligence, if you want to know.

1-    AlphaGo

Released in 2017, this American documentary by Greg Kohs lasts 1 hour 30 minutes. It is mainly about the war between AI and the game of Go, a traditional Chinese board game. The film shows how AlphaGo, an AI program developed by Google DeepMind, takes on a Go specialist, Lee Sedol.

As the documentary progresses, you will see the evolution of AlphaGo as it analyses and progresses its algorithm to control the game and stand up to the champion Lee Sedol. The documentary highlights the AI assistance and its skills against human intelligence.

Throughout the documentary, we will see how the developers of the AlphaGo program prepared to optimize it and prepare it for the match against Lee Sedol.

This documentary film was appreciated by the public and obtained a rating of 7.8/10 on the Internet Movie Database (IMDb). It was praised by critics. It has also received many awards such as the Knowledge is Power, Maysles Brother and Audience Choice in the documentary film category, the Science Award at the Traverse City Film Festival, etc.

If you want to know the real impact of AI on the world today, AlphaGo is a must-see documentary film.

2-    Do you trust this computer ?

Directed by Chris Paine in 2018, is 1 hour and 18 minutes long and was produced and directed in the USA. It is a film that talks openly about AI and society today and the possible impacts it will have in the near future.

The documentary features rich and relevant interviews with specialists in the field of AI and ICT such as Elon Musk, but also Jonathan Nolan and Ray Kurzwell. It does not only talk about the potentials and benefits of AI on society. The documentary also raises the possible dangers of artificial intelligence on others and society.

Relevant topics such as the security of personal and societal information are highlighted in the report. The use of military drones, the topic of privacy, the proliferation of fake news, prejudices in society, and many others are all sensitive topics that this documentary highlights in its content.

This film prevents and corroborates what Stephen Hawking announced. He had raised the risks that the world of the future could have if it insists on developing super intelligent AI solutions.

3-    Machine Learning : Living in the Age of AI

In 2019, this film by David Bridge, which is less than 2 hours long, scored 8.4/10 on IMDb. It talks openly about the real impacts of AI on people’s lives today. The documentary also points out that artificial intelligence is present in society and that it is gradually, but surely, being integrated.

The film presents concrete examples of the effects of AI and its relevance to different groups of people. It talks about its impacts and consequences. The documentary also raises the risks of the rapid and relentless development of new technology like AI. It would have implications for data privacy and security.

The documentary also highlights the potential dangers of AI that may lead some to manipulate digital data. However, in the long term, the film provides reassurance and highlights the future benefits of artificial intelligence on our daily lives, regardless of our age.

It is a simple and easy to understand documentary that informs you about the future realities of AI and its impact on the world today, and in the future.

4-    The age of AI

It is a documentary film by Robert Downey Jr spread over 8 episodes of 45 minutes. Released in 2019, this 8-episode documentary has been rated 8.2/10 on IMDb.

Robert Downey Jr also does the voice-over for this animated series which can be found on YouTube Original Series. The documentary raises the issue of changing practices through the use of AI in modern industries. It explores various fields such as health, disaster risk, transportation, finance and space exploration. All of this is complemented by interviews with specialists in each field and AI experts. Each episode focuses on a specific topic and field, and the transformation brought about by artificial intelligence.

5-    iHuman

This Norwegian documentary lasts 1 hour 39 minutes and was released in 2019 with a rating of 7.1/10. Tonje Hessen Schei was the director of this documentary film, which was particularly appreciated by critics for its captivating nature. It offers relevant information about the development of AI.

The documentary does not hesitate to show that AI is changing our habits and our everyday life. It highlights how we interact with this technology and what its direct impacts are. Interviews with AI specialists are part of the film, but we also meet an AI character in VFX who shows us how artificial intelligence evolves.

The film also highlights the impact of AI on our daily lives, whether it be in the use of the Internet, our smartphones, etc. It also gives some answers about the algorithms used in some organizations and if they have repercussions on our daily lives. iHuman also pushes the doors of some renowned organizations that develop AI solutions, such as Cambridge Analytica or Palantir Technologies. They give concrete and clear answers on the evolution of AI in industries and society.

top Documentaries about AI

Other documentaries are also interesting to watch, such as :

  • The social dilemma by Jeff Orlowski
  • Lo and Behold: Reveries of the connected by Werner Herzog
  • TechnoCalyps by Franck Theys2
  • The rise of AI by Jonny Caplan
  • Artificial Gamer by Chad Herschberger
  • Hi, AI by Stefan Kloos and Isa Willinger.

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