Top 8 Alternatives to AI Dungeon in 2023

Top 8 Alternatives to AI Dungeon in 2023

In order to generate ideas for creativity, you must start out with the basics. AI technology is a powerful tool to develop a story with just the general concepts you provide it. AI Dungeon is a great example of this, where the AI does all the writing for you as you imagine and come up with ideas. This functionality is also present in AI Dungeon alternatives.

AI-Crafted Tales

Imagine having a story woven together by an AI, where you give it some key ideas, and it spins a tale based on your input. You can effortlessly produce one-of-a-kind content that fits your vision without typing out every word. Just toss in the main points or details about the story or article you want, and the AI will study your needs and whip up a story in no time. With AI, you can create countless stories limited only by your imagination. Simply provide the story’s theme, and watch as the whole scene comes to life through the AI’s magic touch.

8 Alternatives to AI Dungeon to Try Out

Curious about AI Dungeon alternatives that deliver similar adventures? Check out our top 8 picks. Don’t forget to examine the features of each AI Dungeon alternative closely.

1. Magium

Magium game

dating auckland nz is a popular AI Dungeon alternative with similar features and enhancements. Choose to play as a wizard or warrior, with your choices affecting the game’s outcome. The game offers 100 different spells and many enemies to fight, along with secrets and side quests to discover and complete.


  • Rich storyline.
  • Story dependent on your choices.
  • An overwhelming number of details.
  • Sub-missions and concealed mysteries.
  • 100 different spells and numerous enemies to fight.

2. NovelAI

NovelAI game is an AI Dungeon alternative that offers AI-assisted authorship subscription services to help you write articles with ease. This alternative uses powerful AI algorithms and provides feedback and suggestions to improve your writing. Engage in AI conversations and create captivating stories.


  • Receive feedback on all your requirements.
  • The more you write, the more the AI adapts to your input.
  • Understands your information deeply and writes content instantly.

3. Text Synth

Text Synth

Text Synth is an easy-to-use AI Dungeon alternative with powerful AI programming. It offers various natural language processing models, including GPT-J and GPT-Neox. Enjoy text completion through a REST API and a playground for both developers and non-developers.


  • Chat functionality.
  • Generate unique stories effortlessly.
  • Find answers to your questions.
  • Contains GPT-J and NLP programming systems.
  • Create realistic and accurate text based on your input.

4. Write Holo

Write Holo

Write Holo is an innovative tool that allows you to easily organize your ideas and turn them into a professionally written novel or eBook. With the help of an AI system, you can easily enter your thoughts into the text editor either by typing or speaking them out. When you’re finished you can export your content with ease and even publish it for further editing if needed.


  • Text-to-speech narration with AI.
  • Auto-save your articles.
  • Export between formats.
  • Undo/redo feature.
  • Voice recognition features with end-to-end encryption.
  • Datasets for all kinds of writing.

5. Dwarf Fortress

Dwarf Fortress is a text-based game similar to AI Dungeon. Manage and settle the Dwarven era, ensuring your dwarfs are safe and happy. Keep an eye on everything happening in your fortress and beyond, making strategic decisions to maintain order.


  • Strategic gameplay with an array of immersive features is offered in this game.
  • ¬†Allowing for control over both characters and non-character based obstacles.
  • Manage everything to keep your dwarfs happy.
  • Set in the Dwarf era.

6. Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead

Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead is a text-based game similar to AI Dungeon, focused on survival after a world-ending event. You must use your wits to survive in a harsh environment by scavenging for food and water, finding shelter, and avoiding mutants and raiders. The game offers limitless options for survival, but your choices can have dangerous consequences.


  • Fungal infestations.
  • Disastrous events.
  • Lovecraftian monsters.
  • Zombies and raiders.

7. Infinite Story

Infinite Story

Infinite Story is an AI Dungeon alternative that lets you write an unlimited number of stories. This app enables users to write short or long stories in various genres, styles, or any other content they can imagine. You can enjoy battling against an AI and explore unique puzzle content.


  • Create an unlimited number of stories.
  • Fight against an AI.
  • Engage with unique puzzle content.
  • Win contests by writing infinite stories.

8. Philosopher AI

Philosopher AI

Philosopher AI is a text-based game similar to AI Dungeon, focusing on philosophical questions. It uses the GPT-3 Davinci model, like AI Dungeon’s Dragon. The game generates random questions, making it difficult to predict what you’ll be asked. Some well-known questions include “What is life?”, “What is justice?”, and “What is happiness?”.


  • Text-based game with random questions.
  • Free to play with a limited number of queries.
  • Philosophical question-based game.


Working with AI makes it easy to create whatever is in your mind without manual effort. Enjoy games where you are the creator, and everything that happens is based on your choices.

FAQs How does AI Dungeon work? AI Dungeon is a text-based AI-generated game with infinite possibilities for each scenario. Unlike traditional games where everything is pre-designed, AI Dungeon creates worlds, characters, and situations for your character to deal with on the fly.

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