Top 9 AI tools for creating voice-overs

Top 9 AI tools for creating voice-overs

Artificial intelligence (AI) has greatly improved the generation of voice-overs from text or “text-to-speech”. Previously, reading digital documents aloud by reading applications was monotonous, and sounded like it was being done by robots. Thanks to AI tools, we can now create very realistic voice-overs, i.e. we can distinguish intonations, we can add accents to the voice and the voice in general is more captivating. These AI voice over tools make a lot of things easier, such as creating audio books, creating video tutorials, commercials, etc. You don’t have to do a lot of work on your own. You don’t need to do voice recordings anymore, as you just write a script and manage the rest on the voice over generator. If you are a person with an auditory memory, these tools can also be very useful when learning. To help you find the perfect text-to-speech software, we’ve ranked the top 9 best AI tools for creating voice-overs.

Top AI tools for creating voice-overs

Murf ai

Murf ai is a very powerful voice-over and text-to-speech tool that integrates artificial intelligence into its system. It allows you to choose between 120 voice types and 20 different languages. In addition, you can add accents and accompany emotions to your voice over, such as grief, sadness, joy, excitement, etc.

One of the powerful features of Murf ai is the ability to clone your own voice. You provide a sample recording of your voice to the system, and this voice can then be used for voice over. As for the platform, the Murf ai platform has many interesting options. For example, it is possible to edit videos for the voice over, and it is also possible to import voice recordings from outside to be enhanced on the platform.


Synthesis is an AI voice over generator known for its efficiency. You can choose between 65 professional voices on its interface, but also more than 250 voice styles, and about 70 virtual avatars. In addition to the AI Voice over option which allows you to perform text-to-speech, the tool also has an AI Video Productions option which provides the function of translating text into video. Thus, in Synthesis, you can generate both a voice over and a video from a simple script.

The characters in your animation will then be avatars. The AI Synthesis tool is mainly used to produce professional content such as training videos, podcasts, presentations, etc. In fact, this tool is already popular with several thousand companies due to its professional nature. is another realistic voice over text translation tool. It gives you access to 907 natural voices generated by AI and 142 languages using machine learning technology. What sets it apart from other tools is the instant conversion of text to voice over and the ease of quickly downloading audio files in MP3 or WAV. Several companies of all sizes have already trusted, including Verizon, Salesforce, Xerox, Aruba, Hyundai, Samsung, etc.


korean dating nyc that also allows you to produce quality voice overs. With 180 voice templates that can be translated into hundreds of languages, and a wide range of emotions and accents, you can really bring your content to life. Lovo also provides a variety of settings to make your voice overs even more compelling. For example, there is a setting to vary the tone of voice to hold the listener’s attention. You can also access another setting to control the speed of the voice and a specific function to add sound effects to give the impression of a real environment. Other features are present on the platform to have a quality and ultra realistic voice over.


Listnr is another voice-over generator tool that you can use to create audio content quickly. This tool offers more than 600 voices and over 75 different languages. Your creations can be marketed in several countries, which can be a great advantage for your business.

One of the many advantages of Listnr is that you can integrate a customized audio player into your online texts, for example on your blog.

best AI tools for creating voice-overs


Speechify is a text-to-voice platform that you can also use on a daily basis. It provides access to 30 voices and 15 different languages. This AI tool is already widely used by students and professionals to quickly assimilate text content. By opening Speechify in parallel with your Gmail application, for example, you can listen to the content of an email aloud without copying it to the platform.


Woord is another interesting AI text-to-speech tool. This tool allows you to choose between 50 different voices, and 21 languages with their regional variations, e.g. American English, Australian English, Canadian French, etc. Unlike Speechify, you have to enter the URL of a website to be able to translate its textual content into voice over.


Readspeaker is a voice over generator with 50 different voices and over 20 languages. The target users of this AI tool are very diverse: students, marketing companies, professionals, people with physical disabilities such as the visually impaired, etc. Recently, Readspeaker has become increasingly involved in improving the quality of education through its AI solutions.


Voicera, last on our list, is also one of the best voice over generators. It offers a dozen or so voice choices that can be translated into over 10 different languages. Even though the choices are smaller than the tools mentioned above, Voicera is still an AI voice over generation tool that provides realistic voice synthesis.


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