What alternatives to Midjourney ? The 7 AI tools we recommend

What alternatives to Midjourney ? The 7 AI tools we recommend

Midjourney is one of the best known and most powerful AI tools on the market. It is best known for its ability to generate images. To do this, the artificial intelligence system that equips it stores, analyses, learns and assembles millions of images in order to produce a new, unique, original and artistic creation. All the tool needs to do is tell it your image requirements through textual content and it will produce new photo proposals. But to create conceptual and artistic photos, there is not only Midjourney on the market. You can use the services of other AI solutions and robots that can have the same capabilities as this software. Here are the ones we found most relevant on the market and which are good alternatives to Midjourney.

alternatives to Midjourney


Another masterpiece from OpenAI (the creator of the well-known ChatGPT) that uses artificial intelligence to produce high quality and particularly realistic images. You just have to formulate your request through a text and Dall-E will generate an image of artistic quality and style.

The name Dall-E was not chosen at random by the designers. Dall comes from the name of the painter Salvador Dali. The -E extension was inspired by the Pixar animation Wall-E.

In order to produce unique and high quality images, Dall-E’s AI system collects embedding clips from each source photo and contains parameters that can meet your requirements. These embedding clips are then analyzed and processed by a broadcast decoder. This is a relevant learning system that allows the tool to generate quality images.


Jasper is already known as a quality text content generator. It can also take care of creating original images thanks to its generative artificial intelligence system. Launched in 2022, Jasper has won over many users despite its young age.

This AI solution is primarily targeted at designers and editors. The latter may not only need to create textual content, but also images that will complement and enhance their production.

Moreover, by choosing to use Jasper, you can request an unlimited number of images to be generated per month. It is also a tool that allows you to have images similar to those processed with Photoshop and Illustrator, but you don’t need to be a professional graphic designer to make them. Jasper takes care of everything and the result is a high-resolution image. This AI solution is also easy to learn, even for a novice who has never used a generative AI tool.


Another AI tool that uses the same principle as Midjourney to generate quality images. Indeed, Simplified will use text prompts to produce the photos requested by the user. However, the basis of its programming is mostly similar to Dall-E and Stable Diffusion.

Simplified also has the ability to produce art-style images. The renderings that result from its analysis and assembly of relevant elements of the source photos are also ultra-realistic. But that’s not all, Simplified’s features also allow you to retouch and improve the quality of the generated image. You can accentuate or change color elements. You can also rework the style of the photo or add details that you feel are missing or relevant. This AI tool has the ability to produce different variations of the same photo, depending on the text prompt you provide.

Another feature that Simplified offers is the resizing of the photo according to its destination and use. For example, if you need to post it on WordPress, it will be able to suggest the appropriate height and width. It can also resize the image for proper use on social media.

best alternatives to Midjourney


This application that uses artificial intelligence technology was once called Dall-E mini. Its creator, Boris Dayma, presented it at a coding competition. He developed it based on creating new photos by allowing the AI to search for the relationship between existing images and texts.

To do this, the user must insert their query, in the form of words or text, into the Craiyon prompt. Once this is done, simply launch the operation by pressing enter. The tool will proceed to analyze and process the query. It will only take a few seconds for Craiyon’s image suggestions to appear.


Lexica.art is not only an image generator that uses artificial intelligence. It also allows you to consult the best models of Stable Diffusion on the Net. This web application stores the most relevant works of art that have been created with artificial intelligence. It also allows users to get inspiration when formulating their prompts. Lexica.art can be asked to generate an artistic image based on the artwork already present, without it being a 100 % duplication, or an art generation that can take longer.


This is the image generator created by DreamStudio. Dream is a suite of AI solutions for generating different types of media. The system ensures visual creation by processing natural language through assembly. The AI system of this solution developed by DreamStudio is also based on the elements of Stable Diffusion in order to quickly create the works requested by the user. The photos generated by this solution can be published on different platforms. They can be used for personal use, for a blog, for social networking, to create a poster or even as an image in a book.


Launched in 2019, NightCafé is an acceptable AI solution that can very well serve as an alternative to hookup profile. It is also based on the principle of machine learning and allows images to be created using text.

The process of processing the query and the images in the NightCafé database is the same as with the basic solutions on the market. That is, when you formulate your query in the application’s prompt, it will analyze it and search for images with content that may match it. It will then compile and assemble the relevant elements to produce a new pic. It only takes a few minutes to respond to your request and generate the photo that most closely resembles your expectations.

This application is available free of charge. However, you will be limited in its use. The platform allows you to take out a subscription for unlimited use or to buy credits for one-off requests. It is also possible to buy directly from the platform art images already generated by the system.

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