What are the alternatives to Copy.Ai ? Our 8 recommendations

What are the alternatives to Copy.Ai ? Our 8 recommendations

Copy AI is one of the oldest artificial intelligence powered tools on the market. It is used to generate copywriting articles. The reason why this solution has managed to convince over the years is because of its features that help to produce short, but salesy articles.

Despite its effectiveness, one may be led to look for an alternative to Copy.AI to perform a copywriting content production task. If you are looking for such an alternative, here are some suggestions that we find just as effective as Copy.AI.


top Copy AI alternatives


We can no longer talk about text content generators without mentioning this solution from OpenAI. ChatGPT has been a staple in this market for a few years now. It is the first and best alternative to Copy.AI.

ChatGPT is an excellent tool for generating single, long or short articles. It helps you produce quality texts with rich and original ideas. Whatever your topic, this AI tool can provide you with relevant content. It allows you to avoid the time-consuming task of searching for information and writing. You can then go about other activities using this tool.

Despite this capability, you should always check the content offered by ChatGPT. Even though it is one of the most relevant tools available, it can make mistakes. It is possible that the information contained in the proposed article is not 100 % correct.


If you are looking for a French solution that can replace Copy.AI, we recommend Redaction.io. This tool was developed by the firm SEOQuantum. Its objective is to provide you with original and information-rich content in only 90 seconds. This can be done thanks to the generative intelligence system offered by the tool.

This tool has the ability to quickly analyze the data it has in its database. This allows it to provide unique and quality content. It is even possible to ask long island dating service to optimize the text it delivers. This solution has the ability to consider and integrate SEO parameters so that the generated content is visible and appreciated by search engine algorithms.

To use it, all you have to do is insert the keyword of the subject you want to know about in the query field. However, it should be noted that this solution is not free, although you can get a sample without paying.


If you’re looking to create fairly lengthy content, Jasper is the solution for you. Because Copy.AI specializes in short texts, it may be limited in the results you are looking for. It is an AI solution that can become a real ally in the production of relevant and salesy marketing content.

Jasper also has the ability to produce creative story content. You can create biographies using the capabilities of this tool. However, like Copy.AI, you can’t embed Jasper-generated content into a CMS.


Simplified currently has some 400,000 users, including businesses and creative professionals around the world. It allows content creation tasks to be completed quickly and with the right quality. This allows a team of creators, editors or collaborators who need to produce textual content on a regular basis to optimize their tasks. Simplified avoids time-consuming research and writing operations.

Simplified allows different types of content to be written using a design editing system that does not require specific programming. It is also possible to make videos with this tool and even integrate the production directly into your social media pages.

best Copy AI alternatives


Thundercontent is an AI tool with an easy-to-use interface. This alternative to Copy.AI allows you to generate various types of articles. Its main advantage is that it allows you to create content in 25 different languages, even though its basic language support is English. This is a real opportunity for companies that want to grow internationally.

Thundercontent is a paid solution. However, the brand offers a free trial period to interested users, which it offers in the form of credits. For the trial period, you will be entitled to 2000 credits.


This AI solution developed by French designers is mainly targeted at companies. It helps them create content for social networks. It is an AI tool for generating content quickly in its action and that allows to optimize its web marketing strategy. A company or a professional in content creation will also enjoy using it, as Rapide.iy allows you to personalize the texts created.

It also has the ability to give you suggestions for visuals that can be associated with your textual content. However, its AI system does not allow the creation of this type of support.


It is one of the easiest to use AI tools on the market, which can replace Copy.AI. You can ask this solution to perform different types of tasks such as generating blog posts. It can also create your landing pages as well as offer product sheets according to your needs. It is also possible to ask Contentbot.AI to create a quality report, but also SEO optimized content.

Contentbot.AI can generate texts in various languages. It is also one of the cheapest tools on the market and connects you to a quality and responsive customer service. However, you should always check the content offered by the platform. It is possible that they contain mistakes.

Goose AI

It is a tool that uses NPL to generate articles using AI technology. Its advantage lies mainly in its ability to complete and predict a text or a sentence. It is a useful tool for experimenting with various queries and content. You can use it occasionally for testing, for example, to see how relevant a keyword is and what kind of text it can generate. Goose AI also allows you to set up the tool to refine the quality of the results it provides.

For the payment method, there is no specific subscription. You only pay according to your request.

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