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What is artificial intelligence ? Why is it useful ?

What is artificial intelligence ? Why is it useful ?

For years we have heard about artificial intelligence. This invention is often considered to be a fiction, part of another universe or a future space-time. But it is here today. It is gradually finding its way into the corporate world. It is suitable for all sectors of activity. There is no company or activity where it is not welcome. The efficiency of artificial intelligence is seducing everyone, even ordinary consumers. Today, it is a company’s must-have for developing its business.
This guide tells you a little more about this much talked about intelligence. After reading it, you will know how artificial intelligence contributes to the development of your business. Here are all the advantages of its use.

what is Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence, from science fiction to reality

In its creation, engineers developed AI to have the capabilities of human intelligence. To do this, the machine needs a large storage capacity. Moreover, it learns to mimic the behavior of the human mind through the experiences imposed on it. The technology is even capable of making decisions as if it were human.

This decision-making follows a pre-established structure. It is conditioned and follows an “if… then” logic. This method was later used by many computer scientists in the creation of software and applications. However, it was the invention of speech recognition that revolutionized the use of AI. This allowed it to be useful to the general public. Everyone had access to it after speech recognition was integrated into Windows.

User needs have pushed engineers to evolve AI functionality. Graphics processing units (GPUs) have been improved. The same is true for algorithms and Big Data.

The different types of artificial intelligence

We already use artificial intelligence in our daily lives. It comes in several forms. The so-called Basic Artificial Intelligence or BIA concerns voice-controlled devices. Driverless cars, controlled by a Google driver, are part of this technology. Finally, all email and computer users use AI on a daily basis. Message filters, the setting that transfers certain emails into spam, represent ANI or narrow artificial intelligence. It marks important and special messages for the user to see.

The most common AI is orville peck dating noah cyrus or artificial general intelligence. It has an intelligence similar to human intelligence. To prove its capabilities, the robot goes through various tests. These include a home test, a college test and a professional test.


what is AI


Why does artificial intelligence help in the development of professional activities ?

AI helps with time-consuming tasks. It performs tasks automatically instead of humans. It improves the results and performance of a company. Indeed, this machine is able to analyze a large volume of data very quickly. Thus, it can predict information or a trend. It classifies the information according to your needs and requirements.

The robot can perform the repetitive tasks that a human does in the design of a product. The computer vision model analyses images and videos to convert them into text. Depending on your needs, it can act like a human eye and help you make decisions. AI is a valuable aid in business intelligence.

For companies in the communication sector, AI helps in text and answer generation. According to a well-developed algorithm, the intelligence gives choices of questions. The customer then gets an answer, thanks to the if … then. This technology meets the needs of customer service and companies requiring reports, summaries or articles.

Start-ups in the research field also use artificial intelligence. The latter scans the images and graphics submitted to it. Then, the advanced and combined algorithms that make it up process the data. The aim is to analyze the data in order to interpret it. This interpretation by the machine saves a lot of time. It avoids the mobilization of a large resource, as done by humans.

AI, a technology used without our knowledge

It is not only companies or large corporations that use this technology. It is available to everyone. In fact, people use it more often than they think :

  • On your favorite social network, you have suggestions for friends or publications. An algorithm, or more precisely AI, analyses your habits. Then it suggests content, videos and music that might interest you. It is the same when you are on a sales site. The page already provides you with products that may interest you, even before you do any research. It makes browsing easier and saves time.
  • Are you lost or don’t know which way to go? “Hello Google” is there to help you. It shows you the different possible routes.
  • The other form of AI available to everyone is Alexa. Who doesn’t use this tool to activate their favorite Playlist ? By combining the performance of Alexa and Nest, your heating preference is recorded. You no longer have to set it manually. It will be done automatically.

It is often said that error is human. To correct this human error, it is good to use AI. It minimizes and even eliminates human errors and mistakes in the performance of a task.

It increases efficiency and productivity through speed and programming. An intelligent robot analyses data in real time and guides you in making business or entrepreneurial decisions.

If you are an online merchant, you can spend more time on your core business. A chatbot can answer your customers’ questions. It even helps you in the development of your business. This AI solution can generate quality leads for you.

AI has no limits, it performs actions so that your marketing actions are more targeted. This technology also has the ability to recruit the most interesting profiles for you.

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