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Which AI plagiarism detection tools are the best today ?

Which AI plagiarism detection tools are the best today ?

When writing articles for the web or for a production intended for the public, you should always be very careful about the risk of plagiarism. Even if it is unintentional, you can run into this type of problem at any time. To avoid publishing plagiarized content, there are solutions on the market that use artificial intelligence. They can help you detect plagiarism. In this list, you have a proposal of the best current offers that you can use.

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This solution uses artificial intelligence to detect duplicate content in an article. However, the tool does not stop there. It also offers to rewrite the plagiarized part of the text with its AI system, and gives appropriate recommendations to improve the style, grammar and spelling of the article.

To do this, OriginalityAI relies on machine learning technology to check your content. This system performs an in-depth analysis of the article by comparing it with content stored in a very large library of data. It then sends you a report on the similarity of the article to other content already published or processed. In this report, the tool will make a complete report with comments on the problems it has found in the article. It will also suggest areas of improvement so that you can have a 100 % unique and entirely original text.

It is a tool that has very high capabilities in detecting duplicate content. But it also helps you to optimize your article so that it is of high quality and free of all kinds of mistakes and errors.

It is a tool that can become indispensable for writing professionals, whether they are editors, students or even copywriters, journalists, storytellers or others.


This AI solution not only helps you to detect duplicated parts in your article, or a case of plagiarism in an external article, it also offers advice on how to limit the risks. This tool is especially recommended for students writing academic papers or content. You can also use it if you are a professional writer and editor.

To do this, paid dating sites usa first analyses your query, i.e. the content of the article to be checked. Then it compares it with the registered content stored in its database. After that, it sends you a report on the risks of similarities with other productions. In its report, Crossplag provides advice and comments that will help you improve your article.

It should be noted that this AI solution can handle all text file extensions. You also have access to software with an easy-to-use and particularly intuitive user interface.

You have a function to improve the quality of your text in this tool. Among other things, it allows you to work on the readability of the text background so that it is easy to understand and assimilate.


This plagiarism detection tool uses artificial intelligence technology to analyze the risks and originality of a text. It is a quick and efficient solution to this task. It helps you to have original and unique content, with quality content and form.

Plagscan is an easy-to-use and easy-to-learn solution. It is suitable for all types of users whether they are professional writers, students, pupils, professional journalists, marketers and copywriters, novelists or others. You can also use this tool even if you are a freelancer or an individual who needs to write from time to time and get tips on how to improve your style.

The other great advantage of Plagscan is that it can handle any type of text format. It can also analyze your article in depth while giving you suggestions for improvement, if errors or plagiarism are detected.

Plagscan also has an application programming interface. This allows it to interact with other software if required. For example, the API allows it to connect with grammar and vocabulary correction or enhancement applications. This allows you to further optimize the final output of your article.

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If you are looking for unique and original content, Copyleaks is the solution for you. With the help of its AI system, Copyleaks scans your article and compares it to other texts it has in its database. With the rich resources it has at its disposal, you can be sure to avoid duplicate content.

In addition, this AI solution has the ability to support most of the text extensions that exist on the market. It can also analyse all types of articles, regardless of the theme or topic you have covered.

After analysing your file, Copyleaks will send you a report with details of the plagiarism risk. If there is a part of your text that is at risk, it comments on the link to the source and the article that has similarities with yours. The tool also comments on how you can improve your text to make it 100 % unique.

Copyleaks is not only useful for detecting plagiarism in a text you have written. You can also integrate it with the websites and software you use. This makes it possible to analyse the content you consult in real time. This is useful in business to validate and verify the quality of the content you are viewing or being delivered.


This is a good tool for reformulation and duplicate content detection. Quetext can help editorial and writing professionals in their production. It helps to create original, plagiarism-free and quality-optimised content.

The database of this AI solution contains billions of sources that optimise the comparison process. Its algorithm is also one of the most powerful and can check an article in detail before providing a clear report to the author.

The other advantage of Quetext is that it helps you find the best citations to improve the quality of your article. It also helps you to find sources to add to your bibliography. And all this, without the risk of plagiarizing another work and having a 100 % original content.

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