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Will artists be replaced by AI tools ? Our analysis

Will artists be replaced by AI tools ? Our analysis

Art produced by AI is constantly growing on the market. They are attracting not only enthusiasts, but also customers in this sector. These tools offer opportunities to many people. The profession of artist, and those who work with them, feel threatened by this new tool so highly prized by consumers. Many questions are being raised. There is the question of intellectual property. But the most important is: will this artificial intelligence, which knows how to produce art, replace human artists ?

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AI as an art generator

In this article, we’re not going to tackle the subject of creating music and audio. We’re going to focus on visual art. Computer programs capable of creating images have been proliferating in recent years. Image design is no longer the preserve of designers and graphic artists. You can easily design the images you want to share on the networks or on your website yourself. This is made possible by image-generating AIs.

There are currently several AIs that allow you to create visuals from text. They all work in much the same way. You insert a prompt in the command prompt. The AI analyses your request and gives you suggested images. You can save them, modify them or recreate them. You get quality renderings as long as the instructions given to the tool are precise, complete and of high quality. The art produced can be a painting, a photo-realistic image or a 3D image. It all depends on your needs and the instructions you give.

Is AI a competitor to artists ?

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The advent of AI means that anyone who has mastered this technology can create art. Suddenly, even someone who is not creative can create works of art. This technology can be perceived as a threat in this case. However, one thing is certain: this is not the first software or technology to compete with artists.

Do you remember the advent of the camera? Many thought that the advent of cameras would make painters disappear. Indeed, it’s easier to capture an image with a camera than with paint. But over the years, painting has survived. It has even gained in value. On the other hand, mastering photography is another discipline.

The creation of chess sets on different devices has not stopped people from buying a physical chessboard. However, AI is far ahead of human intelligence at this game. The best players have tried to dating apps in mexico, but without success. Their alternative is to train with this type of opponent to be better than their human competitor.

It is clear that AI can then become a working tool for artists. They can improve their creations with the help of this technology. Modern artists can change not only the way they produce art, but also the speed at which they produce it, thanks to this technology. Some artists will keep their way of creating art, without using AI. And it will surely be an art form reserved for the elite, as painting is today. In fact, there is no technology, however intelligent, that can do away with man-made art.

Developments in AI: what can you do as an artist ?

Let’s face it, designers, graphic artists and illustrators are going to see their income decline. Non-artists and non-professionals in image design will use this technology to create their own visuals. This is bound to have an impact on their client base. After all, popular magazines and international newspapers have already used this technology to create images. These photos have made the cover of these newspapers. In the long term, designers risk losing their jobs, if they are not replaced by robots.

But it all depends on how you look at it. You can follow the trend and use this technology to your advantage. It can be a fantastic help in getting your work done faster. Look at the work you can do with your design talent. That, combined with your skills and the training you’ve undergone, makes you an outstanding designer. But imagine the quality of work you can achieve by using AI to your advantage. It’s not enough to give instructions to create a visual. You also need creative precision. Good technique in the creative process will result in high-quality visuals.

The other way to use this intelligence to your advantage is to create sketches. When you have to present a sketch to a client, AI can help you. You very quickly get sources of inspiration and preliminary ideas to exploit. All you have to do is make adjustments. You’re not starting from scratch.

As an artist and designer, you know that coming up with new ideas takes the longest. What’s more, it can be very difficult when you lack inspiration. Use AI as a catalyst for creativity. It can be a springboard for your career. Because human creativity combined with the creativity of intelligent software can result in an original creation.

To sum up…

Art is not an exact science. Its creation using technological tools is therefore limited. If you look at things from another angle, it is clear that artists cannot be replaced by AI. However, AI can surpass them. To create, AI relies on the old creations of human artists. It can reproduce a painting from the Renaissance. It can imitate the style of a famous artist like Van Gogh. But here again, this technology relies on the data it has been provided with. It is limited to images already produced by man. It is incapable of creating a new artistic movement. This puts it at a disadvantage to humans. As an artist, you have the ability to create your own works, a style that sets you apart from others. To create, you draw inspiration from real-life experiences.

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